#Unveiling the Wallflower



Indeed, the most difficult part of opening up is the start. How should I begin? #kaloka!

Long breath. 

In three… two… one.

I’m not honestly good in describing myself because I always believe in the thought that “What you see is what  you get.” It truly depends. I can be genuinely good if you treat me right and I can be drastically bad when you mess with me. This is not about having a “half – bit** face” like how they call it but it’s more on being dramatically honest with yourself. You get what you truly deserve.

I created this blog for me to express myself more, my thoughts and feelings. I am a work in progress so whether you like it or not – I am not perfect but without a doubt I AM REAL.

So, if you are really that interested to get to know me –  I challenge you to visit my blog as often as you like while I slowly unveil my true colors. Just like the song “True Colors” #ganoin!

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. Together let’s learn and enjoy life. ♥


Pandora because she is one of my favorite Greek mythology character.

I for some reason can see myself to her. I feel like a little on the bad side, I guess. But somehow, life’s a constant battle between good and bad. And the only way to survive the turmoils of life is not just to basically live with it but also through it.

My life is like that and I know that yours too. Things happened for a reason – we may not understand the reason why for now but in time we will.

Just like the Pandora’s box (though it’s actually not a box but a jar) when all the evils flew out and caused chaos to the world, hope remains.

Feel free to contact me through my email below or you can also express your heart out through leaving a comment or suggestions.

I’ll be waiting 🙂


8 thoughts on “#Unveiling the Wallflower

    • I am happy to know that you get to know me through my blog. Though some of my blog posts are quite dramatic, idealistic kind of thing but I hope that you learn something out from it too. And I also wish that you do the same in your blog 😉


      • tigercup says:

        I am have been kind of poetic lately see I started with this huge story which needs a lot to improvise so now a break from it and now i just express myself in poems its easy for me actually cause I always have next line when it comes poems. Any stay bold as you are keep seeing your blog in future.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you so much for appreciating my way of expressing myself. I believe that if you allow your thoughts to go out freely, it will also help us to become better and know ourselves more.

        Liked by 1 person

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