It isn’t just a booklet, it’s my THANK YOU booklet.

So this happened last year in the mall. It was a week before Christmas when my bestfriend Joyce a.k.a. Joiz (that’s how I usually spell out her name since it’s cooler with the “z” rather than the normal “ce” at the end) and I planned to buy ourselves a good pair of shoe as a Christmas gift. After all our hard toil from work. We decided to buy something not really expensive but just enough to cut with our budget. We truly believe that we deserved it! 

As usual, we’ve been hopping from one stall to the other because we couldn’t find the perfect shoe that matches our personality and style but every time we find a good one it’s either there is no other size that matches our foot size or it’s just too expensive. Like really expensive!

Though we got tired already but we finally found the perfect shoe. Yepey! Joiz payed first and as I approached the counter since I was just next to her, the cashier handed her a booklet which she hurriedly placed inside her bag so I wasn’t able to see what it really was. Then, it was my turned to hand my money and pay. As the cashier gracefully placed the shoe inside the  bag, I waited for her to hand me the same thing that she gave to Joiz but to my surprise, she didn’t.

I sighed. And I was a little disheartened.

We then walked our way out from the stall and thought of grabbing something to munch before going home. Then suddenly, the cashier called me out and handed a booklet, the booklet, the same thing that she gave to Joiz. Believed me or not but I couldn’t help but smile. I was like a small kid receiving a reward after doing something good..

I was suprised because it wasn’t just a booklet, it was a Daily Bread booklet. I had one last year but I wasn’t really reading it every single day. I only read some pages and then placed it somewhere and I honestly couldn’t remember where it was now. Too bad. When I finally had it, I hurriedly placed it inside my bag. (Just like what Joiz did).

When I reached home, I hurriedly opened the bag and tried to fit the shoe that I just bought, then I remembered about the booklet. I took it and scanned through the pages for a minute then suddenly these questions popped in my head: Would I be able to really read it one page at a time? What will I do after I read? Would I gain something after I read?  That leave me hanging. A little bothered.

Two weeks passed. New Year is already coming by so fast. I was so giddy, I couldn’t sleep so I thought of checking my timeline on Facebook. Couple of minutes passed and I saw a catchy video clip of a woman about Self – esteem. In that short clip, she emphasizd the hate she felt for her own as a woman, as a wife, as a mother and how she completely freed herself from it. What she did was, she started taking photo of herself using her polaroid camera every single day and she will write down a “Thank You” note at the back of it. First few photos were just all about her, her body, her chores, her habits then little by little she started taking photos of her husband, her son, their home and nature. She felt sorry because she wasn’t able to recognized the little things about herself, her husband, and her very own family. She then realized that there are a lot of things that she should be thankful for. She continued doing that for the entire year until she fully recognized her own strengths and weaknesses. She established self-confidence through taking photos and writing down all the little things that she is blessed with. And through that, she freed herself. In that video, I was able to ponder the importance of appreciating what I have.

I was teary – eyed as I went to the bathroom to prepare for work. (Yes, I have work on New Year’s Eve). I grabbed my bag and poof, I saw the Daily Bread booklet again. That made me think of the questions that bothered me the day after I purchased my shoe.

So I came up with a plan. I challenged myself to read a page of the booklet a day and that I will write down a thank you message on a sticky note and attached it on the page per day. It’s not just a simple thank you message but a sincere one, something that I am thankful for for that exact day. The same thing as the woman did on the video clip, it’s just in another form.  So far, I am still doing it now and I would be truly proud of myself if I would be able to welcome the New Year completing this simple but worth doing act.

My purpose? Easy – I would love to appreciate the things that I have by writing it all down. It’s like writing a story of all the things that I am thankful for for that day. So that when my hair turns gray and would not able to work anymore, I would be reading all the things I am blessed with every single day – in my very own thank you booklet Not just for this year. but this will become my daily grind for the years to come.


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