Part 1: Dear Moon

Honestly, I told myself I wouldn’t be writing anything about you anymore, not again. Because the last time I did, I cried. I cried so hard that pain easily took over. The pain was so fresh that time and there I was, sobbing and clutching my heart. Hoping that my heart was stll there but it wasn’t.

Well, that was a long time ago. Old love, Love.

Now, I decided to write again, to write about you. Please don’t get me wrong, this is not about me bringing back the past. Our story’s over. We both accepted that. Definitely, we don’t have any hang-ups with what happened because we both decided to end it well. No remorse. Like we said, just happy ending and better beginning for us, separately.

But why am I writing about you again? Kasi trip ko lang. #walangmagawasabuhay #ganoin! 🙂 🙂 🙂

NO. I am writing again about you because this will be the last time that I will. Because I am not bitter about the past – how we ended from being friends to almost lover and down to nothing but just two ordinary people living normally in an ordinary life. Believe me when I say that I am not in pain anymore. I am not ashame of you either. You are a part of who I am now. You taught me how to break some of my prinicples in life and gave me courage to be who I really am. Partly, because you were there for me, almost always.

So how did our love story begin?

Second year high school. Second floor, first room on the left, facing the school ground. It was the first day of school. There it all started. We were classmates and seatmates. We’re not close with each other because you were so maangas and magnet of girls and accidents. One time we had a quiz and we need a half – length paper and you saw me getting a whole intermediate pad. I divided it well and kept the other half when you hurriedly said, Give me the other half, alam ko naman na love mo ako.”  (See, maangas talaga) Your mom’s our Chemistry teacher but even so, she still give fair grades. Your mom gave you a failing grade during our 2nd grading period. And because of that, we have to pushed you around to focus and pass 3rd and 4th grading or else you will be left behind. Did you pass? Yes, you did. We we’re seatmates remember? #soalamniyonayon!

Then during our third year, you had a fling with our classmate (so high school puppy love) and where was I? I wasn’t really interested on being in a relationship during that time because I was enjoying my student responsibilities as a peer facilitator, choir member, and girl scout cadet. Di ako busy sa lagay na yan ha? HAHA

And now we were both in fourth year high school. At that time, korean series are in the limelight so most of us are so into it. (Meteor Garden, Full House, Love Story in Harvard, 5566) My favorite korean actress Eugene Kim (starred in Save the Last Dance and Wonderful Life) has this habit of wearing a red or blue hanky tied in her head or used it as a headband. So I followed her. Then one time, it was our P.E class when you suddenly shouted “SABRINA!” while looking at me. I looked at my back, thinking you we’re calling someone from behind but there’s nobody there. It was just me. Then you suddenly hugged me. Like, seriously? I was surprised so I pushed you away. Then you laughed so hard and out of nowhere, you took the red bandana in my head and said, “Stop wearing this Sabrina, high school frats are everywhere, they might mistook you as a member of them or the school police will get your ID.”  So many questions popped at the back of my mind but I decided not to ask you. I just walked back to our classroom like nothing happened. As expected, things went back to normal except for the way you call me, Sabrina.

Our second close interaction was during our Intramurals Week. I was roaming around the school ground with Timtim and Stanley, my co – officers, hoping to see my crush commanding his fellow boy scout members. Then all of a sudden, you came. You with your faded blue jeans, plain black shirt, black sneakers, and your usual grin. You approached me and told my friends, “Picture mi ha?” (We’ll have a picture together, okay?) They hurriedly agreed and leave me with no other answer but yes. So, we took a picture together. You asked me if you could lean on me and put your hand over my shoulder. I answered, yes. There’s no malice with you. (In fact, I was more worried that my crush would see us.) After that you whispered in my ear saying, “Tagu-i ang picture ha. Ako na Graduation gift nimo.” (You keep our picture together. My graduation gift for you. Keep it well). I doubted myself if I truly heard it right but yes, I did. I asked myself, Why would I keep it? Anyhow, I still did. Not because you said so but because Timtim gave it to me personally.

Then, Graduation Day came, we were so busy taking photos and memorabilias with our classmates and teachers. Reminiscing our crazy bonding moments and then suddenly you bumped into me and said, “Oi, picture sad ta ba” (Hey, let’s have a picture together) but some of our friends overheard you and it became a groupfie instead. Then you tapped my shoulder and smiled. Honestly, I wasn’t so affected because I knew you’re with someone and I am currently dating someone too.

Four months after graduation, my phone beeped and saw an unknown number. After that first text message, everything has changed.




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