Things I love to do with you.

Fine! I admit it. I love to envision myself doing these random things with you. Yes, with you. But how? When in fact, I am single since birth. (Though I am not ashamed of it). I dated a few but never really settled and letting myself be¬†called the¬†“girlfriend”.

Picky? Choosy? Have high standards? Me? – I guess.

But who would not? I mean, I may not be like Cara Delevigne or Princess Kate Middleton in the making but as a woman – I strongly believe that we need to set enough and firm standards for ourselves. Being a woman is not easy. Love is not a game too.

I grew up in a family with strong morals¬†and I am so proud with that. But I tell you, it wasn’t easy too. I would love to see myself being in a long – term relationship. Again, who would not pray for this kind of relationship? What I need is a genuine kind of relationship and not the ones we see a lot in social media with¬†socially inclined relationship goals but rather I consistently pray for a¬†a relationship that is healthy for me and for you.

So here are my Top 15 things that I would absolutely love to do with you:

top 15

Why 15? Why not 10 or 20 or even a hundred?

It’s not because I ran out of reasons or activities to choose from but I believe that there are also moments that happen spontaneously and that adds spice to the relationship.¬†The make and break moment¬†as I call it.¬†I love to take every possible chances with you at the right time with the right reason. But the big question is, when will you come in to my life?¬†

In God’s time. I know. I will instinctively know when God says so. I trust in Him.

Childish right? Not realistic? So fairy Рtale like? YES. But once in a while we should know our strengths and weaknesses by playing out with our minds and let our sane level be tested in a good way.

Funny right? Again.¬†YES.¬†But if we always focus on the realistic but scary side of love which is¬†“nothing lasts forever”¬†then¬†why does the word “forever” even exist?¬†People think that couples who have relationship goals are so much in love with fantasies. Which is not always correct. If that’s the case, then why do we have to settle and have romantic obligations and responsibilities with someone when we don’t have any “relationship goals” (I mean the real ones and not the highly socialize and publicize relationship goals). ¬†See? The irony of it! *note with little sarcasm*

But yes, in time I will have these moments and many more with¬†you.¬†I mean, the long – term one. I’m not rushing things nor slowing it down – just the medium level. So, I hope to see you when I see you? #ganoin

One thing is for sure, I need a man not a boy and while waiting and searching, I should take my time to become the right woman for you too.

Right. Woman.

Now, it’s your turn.

things i love to do with you question



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