Do you feel giddy when you remember something good in the past or feel exasperated when you think about the bad ones?

On a personal basis, yes. I feel happy and overwhelm when I remember something great from the past. Travels, food trips, spontaneous hangouts, and crazy bonding moments with friends, family, and loved one – the one who treats you like a stranger now. But nevertheless, old memories make me happy.

But how about the bad ones?

Me. As much as possible, I always contemplate on it. In short, I endure the pain until the pain disappears either it’s a heartbreak, loss of a loved one, a misunderstanding with family, or a chaotic and unresolved issues with friends. I find time to really appreciate the beauty of pain that that event caused into my life.

Sounds crazy, right? Call me dramatic and emotionally fixated but I don’t want to avoid pain. Though I don’t want to question about your coping mechanism too but I don’t think it’s wrong to face the pain as well.  But of course, just allow what kind of pain you think you truly deserve. Pain is constant and inevitable but pain is part of who we are as a human.  “Crazy is the man who lives without pain whether it is physical or emotional. If indeed he exists, he is not human but an extraterrestrial.” says my Philosophy instructor. Which I agree.

So going back about throwbacks, an example of throwback stories that I am referring to are the ones prompted on Facebook. Upon checking your notification you will then see “You have memories with…”. I honestly would like to give credits to Mark Zuckerberg and his team for creating this. I’m not sure if it affects you as a facebook user but as for me it actually has two effects: first, I’m able to see the improvement in my posts (from the wrong grammar posts to “i don’t want to see this post ever again”) and of course, not to mention the throwback photos and second, I can laugh at how my old self react to random posts and even to my own posts.

Other people may find this annoying and others are having that nostalgic feeling upon seeing their past statuses and comments but either of the two, the common denominator there is “it’s all in the past”. We survived it. *smirking at the moment*

But come to think of it, if we are given a chance to edit a comment, a message, or a post and allow us to post it again, would you do it? If yes, then why? 


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