1st of February

Hello 1st of February!

Are you also excited? Sad? Nervous? Hmmmm. Giddy? Well, it is like Christmas Day for lovebirds. Would you agree? But how about for those who doesn’t have “someone”?

I know. Let’s face it. Not all of us have someone special to spend our Valentines Day with so does it also mean that we won’t celebrate Valentines? I asked a few friends and colleagues of mine random questions that is related to Valentines Day and here are some of their insights:

What is Valentines Day?

“Valentines Day is not just for someone who has a partner or someone special. It is also a day for single men and women out there to contemplate and spend time discovering things about themselves.” – Friend a.k.a Kari

What is it like to spend Valentines Day alone? (Relationship Status: Single)

“Me being single on Valentines Day is just a normal day. Before, I get irritated and jealous? Yes, I was. I used to. But l discovered that the thought of celebrating Valentines Day nowadays become so overly publicize through social media and I just don’t get it. A simple act of saying ‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you’ or hugging or kissing or the art of giving flowers, chocolates, or other presents regardless of the brand or the price would really mean more and best when preserved rather than flaunting it on our dear Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. I know some of you will oppose but that’s how I see it.” #respect – Ely

What is it like to spend Valentines Day with someone that you have something with but nothing at the same time? (Relationship Status: No Label)

“Having something and nothing at the same time is the worst feeling anyone can ever experience or go through. It makes you question whether it’s right or not but at the end of the day, the person you’re with is the only one that matters most. Someone who means the world to you is worth more than the pain of not having a definite status. I think it makes Valentines Day more interesting and special, since you don’t really know until when it’ll last or if it’s the last time you’ll be together. The ride is what makes it worthwhile, not the destination.” – RJ

What is it like to spend Valentines Day with someone you love? (Relationship Status: In a relationship)

“It’s like a normal day for me because everyday is Valentines Day for us.” – Kaye Camille

What is it like to spend Valentines Day with your wife / husband? (Relationship Status: Married)

“I feel excited because my husband always make an effort to surprise me every Valentines Day. So I am looking forward for it.” – Cherry

What is heartbreak?

“Heartbreak is like a slow death. Tormenting pain from the inside and out.” – Kaye

Have you experience a heartbreak? What did you do to stop the pain?

“Yes, everyone does. I distract myself by watching horror movies to shadow the pain. It is like blocking the pain, a total pain killer for me.”  – Christine R.

What is love?

“Love is putting someone else’s happiness first over your own”. – Clara

How much would you do or give for love?

“It cannot be quantified.” – Hazel

What do you think is the most wonderful gift that a man can give to a woman on Valentines Day?

“For me, it is the presence of the person you are with – nothing more.” – Mary

What do you think is the most wonderful gift that a woman can give to a man on Valentines Day?

“Her whole being.” – Gucci

What Describe an ideal Valentines date?

“An ideal Valentines date for me as a married man is candle – light dinner by the beach. Somewhere cozy, quiet, and serene. A long pathway that leads toward the table set for two. Just me and my wife. A bouquet of flowers, carnation or an ecuadorian maybe would fit the occasion.” – Sir Tally

For single ladies and gentlemen out there? Do you feel pressured or sad? Disappointed? Hmmm. First and foremost, we (Yes, I repeat – WE) should not feel any pressure, not at all. I’m saying this not solely because I wanted to comfort myself or putting a mask on whatever feeling it is that should be running inside our mind or our hearts on this day. A close friend of mine told me that being single is a privilege. Do you also think and feel the same? Share your thoughts and feel free to answer the random questions too. 🙂






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