The light covered the dark. These two elements have the same distinct purpose – they give a picture perfect scenery that other elements can’t give. What makes them apart is that they exist in to two different time and phase. But there is also a time that they do and when it happened – it is truly worth waiting for.

But we have to keep in mind that these moment are just one of those stolen moments where cluster of elements collide and apparently will go through due process of separation.

It then reminds us that in life, we may be walking into two different paths but there will always be a time that we will be togeher. Us, walking in the same path, same direction. And when that time comes, we have to expect nothing. Instead, we have to think of a reason why we should be walking through that direction together but if we couldn’t think of any, I must say – let’s free ourselves.

Let’s go back to the first track, the path where we once walked through and keep on walking. Let’s continue moving forward without the thought of leaving something behind – no remorse, no pain. Nothing.

Life is about what is there ahead of us and not on what’s behind us. Just like these two elements: the moon and the sun. Yes, there is a time where they meet and create a beautiful collision. Something worthwhile. But they will go on separately. And will meet again in time.

Just like us. You and me. We met and had a very beautiful union. Created memories that will stay for good. And again, it was something worthwhile.

But we are not like the sun and the moon. We don’t collide in a given time frame the way people expect us to meet. Because we happened to meet in a time where things are rocky and chaotic. Well I must say that it wasn’t always bad, there were also butterflies and colorful days too. It was truly heartwarming – I wished to stay there for eternity. But it wasn’t our case. Our timing and phasing didn’t coincide with the universe. We may made it through the hard times and truly stood tall on the worst moment which led our collision one of the most beautiful memory you and I had. And yet, we still separated.

We did not survived it. Though we fought hard and gave everything but still we lost it. We went through due process of separation. Maybe someday, one day. Just maybe, we will meet again or maybe not. But I hope we will continue on walking through our path, maybe not on the same phase or time or direction but with the right purpose – to make a collision and create a picture perfect scenery again. Maybe not with each other or for each other. But with someone else. In time. We will.


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