Bumped into this very deep calligraphy art from Melissa Griffin. And sudden gush of realizations get into me. What if I did it before? What if I didn’t stop myself from doing it? How come I did it when I did not want it on the first place? Do I really need to know? These questions strike me hard enough to ponder. Now let’s all contemplate earthlings  🙂

melissa griffin

Do you also feel the same? Do you feel free within yourself? Like being who you truly are in front of the mirror without asking yourself of your true identity? If your answer is yes then you’re doing a great job and you have to keep doing it. But if your answer is no, I think you have to back track from all your hidden pain and grudges, fears and failures, disappointments and anger inside your heart that is stopping you from being true. Not that you are always faking the person that you are now but if you keep hiding all of it, all of these will become a heavy baggage too painful to carry. That baggage is like a dark shadow slowly casting right in front of you and hinder you from seeing your own. Let’s all live and not just merely exist earthling. We all deserve it. 🙂


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