My VDay Playlist

Since this month’s the famous “Love Month”, I believe that almost all of us are into the idea of going off somewhere romantic with your partner or special someone. A cozy date, fine dining, surprises, and a lot of sweet stuff. Are you also into these? Do you feel delighted and gleeful when you envision yourself being with the one that you love together on the 14th of February? Is it a Yes or a No?

Well, in my case, I am absolutely sure that I will have the entire day with my date. Can you guess who my date would be? Believe it or not – I will have a date with my dear bed. Yes! You read it right. We’ve been together for 3 years now and my relationship with him is just perfectly right. I couldn’t ask for more. Just kidding! #feelingerangbata!

But yes, I’ll be staying for good in my bedroom. Why? Because first, I am single. Second, I find it so overrated to be going out on the 14th of February. Most of my friends would agree too. The fact that this year’s Valentine’s Day will be on a Sunday – A total big time! Most of the malls, restaurants, cozy cafes, hotels, and oh not to mention the flower, jewelry, and chocolate shops would be jam-packed with sweet lovers out there. I’m not being bitter, I just don’t feel like going with and through the crowd on that day. Who else is with me?

Nobody ever told us not to celebrate Valentine’s Day on another day right? I’m just being realistic with a slice of sarcasm all over my mind. There’s nothing wrong with being romantic and cheesy, I’ve been in love too and I still am but the idea is we should make sure that things will happened as it is without compromising each other’s expectations and well – being. If you know what I mean.

How this honest ranting related to my VDay playlist? Well, like I said – I will have a date with my bed. So basically, music will be my best buddy. So here’s my VDay Plalylist.

VDay Playlist

Is it too obvious that I am in love Sam Smith? Yes, I am. And oh, please include William Singe and Joseph Vincent in the list. Now it’s your turn, what’s your Valentine’s Day playlist? Care to share? I’ll be waiting. 🙂


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