I actually saw this quote printed on the tee-shirt of a phenomenal television personality and it really caught my eye. Why?  Hmmm. Because she’s famous and the way she wore the tee-shirt was just freaking awesome. Simplicity at its finest. #fangirlmode

Another reason why this quote hit me because I for once knew what it feels like not to receive a feedback, a reply, or a response from someone and not to give any message at all. The question is, which is more upsetting? Is it the first one or the latter?


Psychologist says “Silence is still a form of communication”. Do you agree? Yes or No?

On a personal view – Yes, I agree. Like I said, I know what it feels like. But I will speak for two; the doer and the receiver of the action. 

So let’s start with me being the receiver. What did I feel after sending a very long and effortful message to someone then there was no response at all? Tantrums! Temper’s up! Tragic! I could throw something up or just curse my heart out especially when I needed a response right at that moment. Ang shakeeet kaya? 

message gif

Hell yes, it’s painful. (Excuse my language) I asked myself, “Why do we need a response on the first place?” Because we need a confirmation or an assurance, right? We need an answer to our queries. We need to know the other person’s thoughts and reactions. That’s why we ask. But having no response from someone we expect to respond is really misleading and frustrating at the same time.

But that was me before. Before I realized that being “seen-zoned” or “read-zone” is also a message. So here comes the second me, me as the doer. I don’t want to be bias about this because it all boils down to what kind of situation you are in, your emotions at that moment, and of course not to mention the level of maturity we belong to. (Feel free to speak up) Freedom of speech everyone.

So me being the doer. I am the one who is not giving any feedback after a lengthy and heartful message. *Long sigh* Why? Why didn’t I reply? Simply because I don’t feel the need to give a response. Alright, I don’t want to sound haughty about it but that’s the truth. Other reasons would be because I am angry, sad, or indecisive so instead of conveying a message – I’d rather not, to lessen the pain and to avoid making the situation more complicated. It sounds like an alibi to you but I know you also do and feel the same. Wag nang denial, masama sa utak yan 😉

Generally speaking, getting no message is a sign or an indication that the other person is still contemplating over something that is hard to express or verbalize. Ganoin! Yes, silence is sometimes very misleading but if we are mature enough to understand why then there’s no need for us to explain our side or force the other person to reason out. Give time for each other to ponder and weigh the situation. Coercing something to happened won’t create a positive result. Patience darling, that’s all it takes and oh a lot of prayers too. Let’s always remember that. 🙂


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