S.A.D (Single Awareness Day)

Do I have to expound this one? Like word by word? Because three more days to go and it’s Valentine’s Day but well, before I do that let’s listen to this song first from Joseph Vincent – S. A. D.  Enjoy 🙂

Nice song right? Did you enjoy it? If you were to ask me – Yes, I do.

So eto na nga. Spill ko na ba? HAHA. Here it goes – single ka at single ako ngayong Valentine’s Day. Anong bago? I’m laughing at myself right now. Is this an issue? I claim it – it’s not an issue! Period. Sad to say and I really don’t know why, people are asking me “Why?” Why? Wow, your question’s so timely my dear! Respeto naman oi. Do I really have to reason out why? Like, is this even an appropriate question to ask? Unless we’re extremely close to each other.

I don’t know why being single becomes an issue. I am completely aware of what I want and need as of the moment and I’m not ashamed of being single (the literal “no boyfriend since birth” status) I don’t know with you out there but it’s not a big deal to me. You might think that I’m lying. So I will give you my reasons why and what makes me believe that being single feels good to me for now on the later part.

But first allow me to point out some good and bad facts about the world we are in right now and if it’s a good thing to be in a relationship or not on a personal point of view. Let’s start with the bad ones. Wake up earthlings we are now in the Generation Y where things are easily control and manipulated but social media and old fashioned practices are considered obsolete. Let’s not deny it. Another thing, courtship stage is dead and it is honestly breaking my heart. Saying I love you is very easy – it can even be abbreviated with “ILY” and it totally sucks! Social media accounts are blasted with so many relationship goals and love stories that pushes us, the new generation, to reflect on them and use them as a basis of our own happily ever after. (If it does exist) Sad right? Wait there’s more. We are highly influence by the new ways (I’m referring to the modern way of courtship) which kills CHIVALRY in the process. Saklap! 😦

Who else is with me? Do you also feel the same? Sakit no? Well, the good news is there is still hope. How can I be so sure of it? Simply because not all of us are a pro on these facts. I sounded so definite about it, don’t you think? But Yes, because I still personally know some and another big yes – because they still EXIST.

So what’s the good side then? It all goes down to the level of maturity and adaptation of an individual. Let’s not be hypocrite. We are sometimes destructed and influenced by the millennials (And I am one) and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as we still control our own decisions and choices. Not your family, not your friends, not the books about everything, not the media, and definitely not the society. Yes, we have to coexist but that doesn’t mean that we have to let go of our own identity.

So, as I mentioned on the first part that I will list down the reasons why I am single. Please don’t be judgmental about it, I am not saying these for you reflect to it kasi kanya – kanya tayo ng trip. Just be open – minded and have your own list too if you like. (Promise, I won’t judge)

Single ako kasi (I’m single because)…

  • I choose to be single – it’s a privilege.
  • I trust God’s plan for me.
  • I’m happy being surrounded by imperfectly real and superhero – like support system. Yes and I’m referring to my family, few good friends, and my dearest pet Munchy.
  • I can do anything and everything without being pressured. Alright, don’t get me wrong with this credence of mine, I almost always follow my parents rules but me being pressured with them is acceptable and normal. The rest, I really don’t bother pondering to it unless they truly deserve my attention.
  • Lastly, being a woman is not easy so we have to live with our own standards to look up to. Choices that we believe we genuinely deserve. It’s not being picky or choosy but simply because we have all the right to be. No buts and ifs. Again, we have to claim it within ourselves.

Just be yourself.  Easy to say right? But it is not simple. We have to have a lot of guts and wits to know ourselves. Constantly reminding ourselves that we are, still are, and will always be a work in progress. So carry on little earthling. Be proud. Remember this verse from 1 John 4: 19 🙂

s.a.d 01


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