Gugmang Giatay Take 2: My Pre-Valentine’s Day Getaway

Are you also a fan of Bisrock (Bisaya Rock) songs like me? If yes, then we’ll get along very well with my Pre-Valentine’s Day getaway. If not, I hope that after reading this you’ll be interested to know and to listen to our very own songs. #ProudBisayaNiBay! 🙂

So what is the show Gugmang Giatay all about? From the word “Gugma” which means love and “Giatay” which means crazy, stupid, and insane – it’s a Bisrock Jukebox Musical that depicts different stories of love in diverse forms and levels. What makes this musical extra special is because it features good old memories of Bisrock songs wayback 2000 from famous Bisaya Bands like The Ambassadors, Missing Filemon, Aggressive Audio, Wet Slipperz, Phylum, and even the Cebuano classic artists like Dulce, Pilita Corales and many more. The show also made its way for new Cebuano artists like Kurt Diores Fick who sang the famous “Hahahasula”, Von Saw “Sa Akong Heart”, and Martina San Diego “Balay Ni Mayang”.

My friends asked me, “What urges me to watch the play?” Well, I just smiled and told them with passion because:

  • I am a proud big fan of Bisrock songs and bands ever since my high school days and I still sing them until now. #kebs #proudBisayako
  • I love theater plays especially musical. Maybe because I had experienced it myself when I was still college. And I honestly miss doing it. I hope I can still do it in the future.
  • I am excited to listen to all the hugot linesThis is open to all the people who are in love, bitter in love, brokenhearted, complicated, and are caught in between. Thinking that we might get some piece of advice out from the show. Which I did. Also, this opens the door for all sexes – shoutout to all my LGBT friends out there!
  • Sad to say but I missed it once when it was played in CAP Auditorium last year on October 23 and 24 and I promised not to miss it again if they will re – run the play. And they did, so I wouldn’t miss it for the world.
  • Lastly, I have three goals for this play too: 1st – To have my bestfriend, Joiz, take a selfie with no other than Medyo Maldito; 2nd – To have a selfie with Kurt Diores Fick; and 3rd – To hug Kurt Diores Fick. Why? Because I can feel the pain when I look into his eyes every time I watch the music video of “Hahahasula” and “Pinaka-maoyng Krismas Song”. Mura jud ug real ba. Were my 3 goals achieved? Yes, of course. (Having the VIP seat was truly worth it!)

First thing that popped in my mind while watching the show was “NOSTALGIC” that I cried. Simply because the play was really great and very entertaining especially the hugot lines jud that would give you goosebumps labi na kong makarelate jud kaayo ka. There were elab-elab lines (gay lingo) too that will really drive you crazy to translate. (I only understand few elab-elab lines there and it was fun). Biggest thanks to all the casts who played their hearts out in conveying their lines as heartfelt as they could. To the “estambays”  who made the play more humorous and provocative – I salute you Therese Marie Villarente as Sexy na Stambay, Dionnex Seco Cecilio as Kugihang Traysikad Drayber, Joer Ivan Gallur as Bagitong Barbero, Kristian Rey Malintad as Dakilang Tanga, Aine Cima Abella as Gwapa nga Bugoy and Dave Nielson Velez as Lider sa Tambay(Tinud-anay nga tagos jud kaayo sa kasing-kasing tanan lines nila especially kang Inday ug Undo).



Lourdes May Maglinte as Inday

She nailed every line in the whole play from the sweet to dramatic scenes. The way she delivered her lines brought back both the good and the bad, the happy and the sad memories of mine. Dili jud di ay lalim ma-in love! #maoy!


Von Saw as Undo

One word – Gwapo! But he’s not just a boy-next-door cutie but with overwhelming charm and talent too. He deserved the role of Undo without a doubt. His expressive eyes made his scenes more realistic. All of his cheesy lines were a plus factor too. #GwapongBisrocker!

FB_IMG_1455585255212 (1)

Paola Pia San Diego as Rihanna

She is that one friend who will listen to you but please do it with caution. Kidding! She is very adorable when she sings kay duot sa bukog especially when she sang “Hahahasula” in a dramatic way. Somewhat, I can relate to her role there. It broke my heart. #Sakitabaya #UnrequitedLovePaMore! 😦


Eyre Hyamze Dumalagan as Charing

I just so love her and her sense of fashion! Well, I will use “her” because she is pretty and witty in the play. She played her part with so much justice. Reality wise, what she characterized in the play would open the eyes of the society to give our  LGBT friends the respect that they truly deserved. #LoveWins ♥


Mark Stephen Cuizon as Ben

 I would like to give credits to his acting skills especially on the part where he wanted to show to the world how much he loves Charing. I was teary – eyed while watching that scene. It was really intense and on point. Oh well, I don’t want to be hypocrite but he really has a good body too. #LoveWins #Abspamore!


Shane Resorini as Maam Helen

 I love her character too. She’s quite stiff but she is also fragile and capable of loving. Her scene with Lola Lucy where she opened up about her love story reminded me of my aunt.  #PrayerMeetingPaMore! 🙂


Shiella Pestano Gemperoa as Lola Lucy

She is my favorite among all the casts. Why? She is just so fun to watch to and she’s totally a painkiller. All her hugot lines were just on the nose that will really make you think about your past decisions and choices in life. Above all, Lola Lucy also voiced out about giving ourselves a good pat on the shoulder for not giving up right away despite all our shortcomings and misfortunes in life. #thestruggleisreal #GrabeSiya! #ikawnajudLolaLucy

And I also owe the success of the play to the people behind it from the staff and crews, floor managers and directors, the background band, audiomen and light directors, and to the writers Sir Jude Gitamondoc (the picture on the left) and Rowell Ucat (the picture on the right) who is widely known as Medyo Maldito – Kudos for having such great minds! Indeed, two is better than one. (Wala jud ko nasayop nganong idol tamong duha!). 



My bestfriend Joiz and I before the show 🙂


Us during the show ^^,


Post – selfie ♥


Goal #1:My bestfriend’s selfie with Medyo Maldito.


Goal #2: Selfie with you.


Goal #3: A sweet big hug from you. ♥_♥


This is our triofic with Rowell Ucat a.k.a Medyo Maldito.

I hope that there’s still more to come because the more the better. Let’s help voice out our talents and give them the rightful credits for influencing us to love our own language through art. And I would also like to say thank you to all who supported and watched the play too. Let’s continue to support our very own talents in all aspects. Mabuhi ang mga talentong Bisaya! Tatak Cebuano and Proud Bisaya ni Bay! 🙂

P.S. I hoped to have a photo op with Sir Jude but he was nowhere to be found man. Anyways, I would love to say thank you to Miss Adelfa to whom I bought my ticket and for giving me the opportunity to have a selfie with Kurt Diores Fick. (Bahala ngitngit sa theater and daghan kaayo ug taw) 🙂


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