Katorse: Cupid’s Day

Oh well, today’s Valentine’s Day. Anong meron? Anong bago?

First thing I did was call my parents. My little brother and I greeted and sang them a love song through the telephone. I know it’s corny but that’s how we show our love to them in a simple but heartful way. Next, I prepared food for my little brother, for Munchy, and for myself too. Ate duties! Then checked on my phone for my girlfriend’s messages about our date. Yeah, I know that I mentioned  in my previous post that I will spend the Valentine’s Day alone in my bed with my VDay playlist but it did not come as planned. Because these two girlfriends of mine had this crazy proposal of going out, in short – pigging out. And since I love eating and spending time with them, I said yes right away.

Now the next question is, what was our plan then? Honestly, when we meet either planned or just out of the blue meet – ups, we really don’t have any agenda –  like nothing at all. We just meet up and talk and then poof! we follow what our minds tell us. Simply because we love doing a lot of things together and try to explore a lot of stuff too (sometimes, mga buwis buhay trips).

Since we weren’t able to meet at the service (Supposedly, that was our first plan but di naki-ayon ang situation sa amin). We met at IT Park around 12 noon and thought that maybe we could grab something to munch or eat because it was already lunch time but we’re still so hype so we didn’t. Himala!

We were laughing at each other because we wanted to do something outdoors but the weather wasn’t so friendly to us and our outfits were a total mismatch. See, mao nay mahitabo basta walay tarong nga plan. But we still managed to cool our heads up and thought of something not so sweet and timely? HAHA. Promise, we are not being bitter. We were just trying to be more on the conformist side. In fact, my one friend, Khimmy is in a relationship and my other friend, Chamen is happily single just like me.

While we were walking to the next lane to look for a jeepney, we saw this cute Valentine’s Day spot near Casa Verde and I hurriedly asked Khimmy if I could take a photo of her. Then, she jokingly responded, “Why me?” Well, she’s the only one who celebrated Valentine’s Day with a pair so I thought it would be great to take a photo of her there. So here she is, our future Doctor and my cutie – chinita friend Khimmy.


Of course, our first stop was somewhere with food. So we went to Mango Avenue because we thought that that day was so right for some singing. But on our way there it was already cloudy and dim, we were expecting for rain to fall already. But God was so great, we came in just in time in the place. Unfortunately the restaurants and cafes were full as anticipated so we ended up eating in a fast food chain, I won’t mention the name. We spent almost 2 hours there as usual. We kind of like munching our food while talking or it could also be the other way around. HAHA. So we talked about Khimmy’s date the day before and about the play that I watched with Joiz.

And after that, we directly went to Song Hits (Family KTV Bar) and prep ourselves for the battle. Again, it was full so we have to wait for another 20 minutes before we can have our turn. While waiting Chamen saw this very timely signage on the tissue holder. It just so happened that it was something that the three of  us can relate to. So what was the sign implied? Ta-da! And oh here’s my simple but brainy friend Chamen with the sign that says “Don’t be a maybe”


Then we were laughing after reading it because we all agreed to this. Who would want to? As much as possible, we don’t want or definitely don’t need to sell ourselves short just to be accepted or to be loved. We will still be judged anyways so we will just continue doing what we believe is right. We always have the same way of thinking in terms of valuing ourselves. Ganoin! This is the reason why we click as friends and respect one another like siblings because we have a strong faith with our capabilities along with our weaknesses, flaws, and limits. Drama ba masyado?  Anyways, another obligatory groupfie in the place before we went to the videoke room.


Kantahan time! We sang a lot of OPM songs and some high school soundtracks from Backstreet Boys, The Corrs, Click 5, and we also grabbed ourselves some ladies drink (Take note: It’s non – alcoholic). We were so hype that we forgot that we brought with us our gifts except for Chamen because she honestly forgot. Khimmy requested and queued a lot of songs but she wasn’t singing. Oh, I remember – she did but only a few lines because she felt like having  an oral recitation or reading a poem instead of singing the song. We then took a break and paused for a while to open our presents. HAHAHA. We were like kids who were so excited to know what we will get inside the wrapped papers.

Khimmy’s gifts for us two:

I know right! What you are seeing are undergarments. Actually Khimmy and I bought them in H&M last year. We kind of agreed to buy them for us three (so Khimmy has her own too, a Batman designed underwear). We wanted to see Chamen’s reaction and as expected, we got to see Chamen’s backlash the way we envisioned it to be. It was so satisfying. We burst into laughters! So it’s my turn now. My gifts consisted of three: my letters (front), the pins, and the beach bandanas for summer.

My gifts to my girlfriends:

Chamen promised to have her gifts next weekend. Khimmy and I are so woozy to know what it will be. So after our kooky gift-giving, we resumed singing and laughing too. Then suddenly, this line from “All the Love in the World” from The Corrs struck me. The line goes like this:

Funny right? I guess so but this is something that all of us need – for us to be seen and to be accepted for who we genuinely are and for who we are not. Simple! 

We learned a lot today and shared a lot of crazy stories too about our whereabouts lately, our families, school, work, lovelife, and issues in life. At the end of the day, we still managed to give ourselves a satisfying applause and hugs for loving ourselves in a wiser and more mature way. Even the place gave us some credits for singing our hearts out.


It was a fascinating and long day for us but we still have work and school tomorrow so we have to go home early. Again, our mandatory groupfie before we separate ways. Kudos to us my dear Solemates.

I arrived home around 6 in the evening. Just enough time to bond with my little Munchy and waited for her to sleep. After that, I prepped myself to bed too and hurriedly soaked in my bed while playing on repeat my VDay playlist. Did I eat? Yeah, I did. I think so. It was like hitting two birds with one stone. It was fun, so much fun. So who says that Valentine’s Day are just for people with special someone? Or in a relationship? Or still in a dating phase? Well earthlings, think again. Love is everything and is open to everyone. So don’t forget to count yourself in. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. 🙂


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