My Post – Valentine’s Day Spirit

I saw a Facebook status from a friend stating “Finally! February 15, 2016 na jud tawn!” (Finally! It’s already February 15, 2016!) and I can’t help but laughed myself out while hitting the like button. Why? I don’t know if he is just playing bitter or he’s just tired from seeing a lot of the timely post about love and relationship goals, cupids and hearts, love songs and selfies of lovers on his Facebook timeline. Deactivating your Facebook for a day my friend would be helpful. HAHAHA 🙂

Anyways, how about me? How did I spend my February 15? Same thing. I have work so I have to spend more time sleeping. I woke at 9 in the morning. Read my bible. Prepared food for Munchy. Read some articles on the newspaper. Then played scrabble on my phone and took some 15 minute brain exercise. (I have this application on my phone that allows me to review nursing questions and I take 10 – 15 NCLEX questions every single day). What else did I do? Yeah, I ate too while waiting for my mother and nephew to come home. And of course, I cleaned my room and prepared it again. It’s like cleaning it for the purpose of tucking yourself back to sleep again. Have you tried it?

I know that you find these chores so routinely and I strongly agree with you. Which is true! I don’t want to argue anymore. Well, I find myself boring too but I am at my most comfortable state when I am inside our house specifically in my bed. But that doesn’t mean that I am not comfortable going outside or be in public. It truly depends on who I am with. I have trust issues like that. (Common problem for INFJ people is building rapport to someone. Though INFJ looks extrovert and can easily gain friends but in terms of trusting them it is extremely hard). And I am one. So please bare with me. Ganoin!

I am aware too that being outside our comfort zone would help us to see more of ourselves. That I wouldn’t question. But is it a mistake to sometimes wallow and venture things alone? Psychologist’s says that “Solitude allows you to reboot your brain and unwind.” And I agree to this. And I claim that there’s nothing wrong with having our own “me-myself-and-I time”. This allows us to reflect and contemplate on our past decisions, reactions, and choices in life. It gives us time to see other people’s point of view by musing over the things that they did for us and for others. Not just being subjective but also objectively.

So yes, my Post-Valentine’s Day was kinda boring but I have no regrets with it. This is a free country and I will surely not get in jail for being myself and for spending my day like the way that I did. Same thing with you earthlings, be free to do anything and everything you want as long as it’s healthy for your soul. Don’t let the eyes of the public keep you grounded. Soar high with love. 🙂



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