When I first met you?

Things were slowly turning right.

It’s like getting an extra pair of legs.

Helping me to stand still through the test of time.

When you were beside me.

I just can’t help but blush.

I’m like a kid strolling happily in the park.

Full of colors – always bright.

When I was with you.

My worries and fears disappeared.

That feeling of longing for something.

Cease to exist in my life.

When we were together.

It was always happy days.

Though we struggled at first.

But we shouldered on, we did.

But what happened to us?

Why did we part?

What have we done or have not done?

For our story to end just like that.

I asked you, “Was it me?”

You cried and said no.

I asked you again, “Was it you?”

You painfully nodded and there I cried too.

I achingly weeped.

At that moment, I couldn’t feel anything.

I pondered so hard just what went wrong.

You just howled as you reached out for me.

I pried for reasons.

Just to fill out the hole inside my heart.

But you refused to.

“Where was I?” – I asked you.

Where was I when you needed me?

Love, I was there.

I was always there.

But you did not see me.

Where was I when you told me to fight for you?

Love, I was there.

I bended my principles for the first time.

And chose you over them.

Where was I when you’re sad or troubled?

Again love, I was there.

Patiently listening to all your cries.

While I was slowly dying inside.

Then you stopped crying.

And told me it should be the other way around.

That it was you who should be asking me.

“Love, where was I?”

There I realized, you were right.

It really was supposed to be you.

You failed and broke me.

I should be the one asking you –

“Love, where were you?”


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