A quote from Eleanor Roosevelt caught my attention as I was checking on my twitter this morning. And I believed that it is so timely for me to reflect on to. Why? Well, it’s pretty rampant on my Facebook and Twitter feeds about how people criticize this and that. Issues here and there. People who couldn’t resist mocking or judging others without any basis, like nothing at all. I considered them the “know-it-all” individuals. Sad to say but yes, they exists.


Do you agree? Is it really impossible not to judge? What should we do then?

I understand that no matter what we do, either good or bad, we will still be judged anyways. But what’s the difference between voicing out an opinion and being judgmental? I asked a colleague of mine and she said, “Maybe the way the person delivered the thought, could also be the tone of the voice, and another reason would be the intention”. I just smiled. Then this question popped in my mind while she was still talking, “Are we really given the permission to judge someone?” The answer is NO.

Why? Do we really need to ask why? Come on earthlings, we are created equally. And though we have unique traits but still we are EQUAL.Β Expressing one’s point of view about a certain matter or issue is acceptable if used in a morally accepted manner. What do I mean by morally accepted manner then? It means that we should use our freedom of speech to deliver something worthy to listen to, no discriminations and no filters – just pure truth. Sounds easy but it is quite challenging. Yes, it is. But when we practice this and do it for the greater good, I strongly believed that the word “racist” or “judgmental” would vanish.

Though we have this notion that “Not knowing anything couldn’t kill” or “A little knowledge about something is dangerous” but let’s all face it – either we know nothing or only know a little we still have to maintain something that is not freely given to all because it is something that we should earn and that is RESPECT. Respect in a way that we are dealing with humans and not robots. In short, we have emotions. We should be sensitive enough to express our thoughts, in a way that the other party would understand without the feeling of being condemned. It’s not about being playing safe, it’s more on being humane. You see things outside the box. Treating a situation in a more mature and diverse way. Now you see the difference? If yes, then let’s start now. Let’s be a YES and not a MAYBE. πŸ™‚


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