My shadow and You.

It is indeed funny.

To hear someone being scared of their own shadow.

Yes, it is.

But sad to say – I am. I used to.


Because my own shadow reminds me so much of everything.

Of all the pain, the demons, and fears I kept inside.

A constant struggle between my sanity  and the other line.

I used to see things beyond what other people see.

I think a lot, feel a lot.

Now, is that a sin?

I really don’t know the answer.

I love to care about others.

Because I know that they deserved it.

I love to make them feel that they aren’t alone.

Because I solely understand what it’s like to be one.

I speak in the kindest words possible.

Though there are times that my temper is shredding me apart, I remained calm.

I act in a manner that others would feel that they are valued.

Though sometimes my own goals are at stake, I didn’t bother doing so.

I am sacrificing my own happiness over theirs.

Because I know – it is what we should do.

I am willing to give more of my time to them.

Though my time’s limited, I wouldn’t mind giving because I know that I am capable.

Many nights I pondered.

If I could be in another person’s life.

Would people treat me like how I treated them?

Would  they do the same? Would it be the same?

And to my surprise, the answer disheartened me.

No, they did not.

They only think of themselves.

They didn’t care. Not at all.

It scared me, I wept.

It’s not fair, I said.

But my broken heart didn’t ask for more.

I just sit quietly until my tears stopped falling.

Then I realized – I know why.

That it was my choice to begin with and I should not questioned it.

Nor criticized them for doing so.

I chose to see the good in them. Always.

Despite of and for me that’s alright.

At least, by the end of the day.

There are two entities that never leave my side.

My shadow and You – the man above.

With that, I know – I am not alone.

I will never be.


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