I am vulnerable and it’s alright.

How is it to be emotionally vulnerable? Personally, whenever I hear or see the word vulnerable, the first thing that comes in my mind is being weak. True enough the word vulnerable as defined in the dictionary as “easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally, or emotionally”. For me, a person who is vulnerable is highly susceptible to pain and having difficulty in coping with either an anticipated event or  not especially to the weak ones.

But who are these people that I am referring to? Maybe some of you would not believe it but ALL OF US are vulnerable. As much as I wanted to make an exception to this but sorry to disappoint you. Let’s all be completely honest within outselves, we will all reach to a point where our so-called life messes with us the hard way.

According to Psychology, there are different forms and ways to know if a person is emotionally vulnerable. Studies also emphasized that being vulnerable is constitutive of our very existence as finite beings. The fact that we are limited, defined, mortal beings – it is necessary and a universal feature of our human condition.

The way I see vulnerable people including myself is really not the worst thing after all. It all boils down to how we adapt and cope with the world’s sometimes-not-so-friendly-moves to help us grow and lead us to a better version of our old selves – much tougher and a living entity more worthy to live (I don’t want to use the word “exist” because I believe that I am, I mean we all are, are created with a purpose so why just exist, right?).

It’s a cliché to be telling you this when in fact, I am an idealistic person. And again, sorry to disappoint you but I don’t feel bad about this – this is who I am. Who are you to judge me? Respect earthlings. We all need it. Being an idealistic individual doesn’t mean that I am not aligning myself in a realistic view. Truth is, there are a lot of people who are claiming that they are realistic about life but the truth is they just sometimes couldn’t accept that deep within themselves, they are grappling over between their inner selves’ ideas versus the world. Sad truth. I know. The occurrence of vulnerability doesn’t depend on who’s realistic, idealistic, or hypocrite with the world’s condition. It’s not always subjective as well. It just happens. And it is solely into us if we’re going to avoid it or with arms wide open, take it.

Now, why did I say that being vulnerable is alright? *clear throats* Simply because – it is. Seriously, I told myself that I won’t elaborate on it any further (thinking that you already know why from the start – pardon me for that) but for the purpose of blogging it, I’m going to spill my heart out.

Here it goes – who I was in the past, who I am now, and who I will become in the future is because of the fact that I said “YES” to life. Same goes to each and everyone of us. And life is constantly giving us the craziest, sometimes questionable but almost always truthful answers, destructive, nerve – wrecking events but yet praiseworthy and above all – life gives us the most satisfying human experience ever. And yes, it’s alright. 

It’s alright to be knocked down a countless times, to struggle, to be blinded by falsities of the world, to fear, to be judged, and to be vulnerable. As long as by the end of the day, we will acknowledged all of these as a worthwhile human experience. Because living with a purpose is something that money can’t buy or stolen way from us in our worldly life. And for the afterlife? Only the Man above knows. Let’s just wait for it. 🙂

P.S When people use your vulnerability to push you down, making you hit the rock bottom – just use them (it can be ourselves) as a stepping stone for us to walk into and not a wall that hinders us to see life. See the difference? 🙂


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