How’s your day? Are you having a good or bad one? If you say “yes” on having a good day, was it worth it? And if you say “yes” on the bad day, was it your fault? Well, these are just random questions that we could possible ask ourselves.

When we are having a good day, it’s always rainbow and bright. Everything is so steady, there’s no room for fears, worries, and negative vibes. We think clearly and our mood is always up for something good and even something more. But what if it’s the other way around? How do we cope with our not so good days?

Human as we are we can easily think of ways to set things up when we are happy or when we get good results out from our effort. Our endorphins are up too. But if we are having a bad day, we are susceptible in making bad reasoning, inappropriate moves, temper tantrums, and sometimes outrage of emotions. Our cortisols working double time too in response to a stressful event. Disclaimer alert – I am not saying that all of us are or will go through the same kind of reaction because again we have different coping mechanisms and level of vulnerability and I would also like to include our own way of dealing with “maturity stage responsibilities”. But let’s not deny it – initially we do, we did, or we will.

So how do we react to stress and failures? If you are to ask me, I don’t usually solve my problems all at once on a specific time frame. I don’t avoid my problems either. What I usually do is sort my problems according to the level of effects it would cause my life. Would I die if I neglect it for a moment? Would it hurt me physically? Would it harm those people around me if I don’t solve it now? Can I just take it as it is and move on? That’s how I deal it with it.

I consciously treat my problems in two ways. First, my initial reaction to my problems would be to reach out to my few trusted support system. I seek help from them, advices; words of wisdom especially if they’ve went through the same kind of experience. I would vent out to them – I don’t care if they would listen to all of my non – sense dramas, pointless sometimes or not, but as long as I would be able to express myself then that would be enough. Speaking of temper tantrums and outrage of emotions? I curse and rant too. I do stress eating and stress cleaning as my way of releasing the energy bursting from the inside. Oh my dear cortisol!

Second, I just cry my heart out – alone. Yes, alone. (Fave spot would be inside the bathroom or in my bedroom). I’ll wait until my eyes hurt or nearly suffocated from my clogged nose. This is the time that I reflect and realized that the answers to my problems are not found in the tears that I cried.

Yes, it sounds so easy. But with all honesty, it’s very difficult to just say “let it be and let’s move on” unless we give it a try. Try in a way that we strive for something more, something better despite the shortcomings that may come along. Seeing life outside the box. Again, another cliché because staying in our comfort zone is much better if we really don’t want to experience too much nuisance and complications.

Yes! You may say, “Why should I complicate my life outside my comfort zone and what for?”. Hmmm. Yeah, you’re right. But my question to you is –  “Why not?” We all know that life’s too short to spend our time playing (depends on how you define the word “play” there). But is this what we are created for? To always stay in our comfort zone? Well, as the saying goes, “A person who has not experience a failure in his entire life only existed but never lived”. To experience a painful, challenging, and nerve – wrecking event in our entire worldly life would be worth it if we will just open our minds to all the possibilities that this world could offer. Make or break chances? The choice is ours. Let’s make use of our time humanly. Let’s keep moving forward for the better. 🙂


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