Alright. I’m not going to deny that my life’s going through a mess lately. So many changes that really turned my world upside down. It’s like a roller coaster ride – went through a complete spin in just a short span of time. Let’s say, 5 seconds? Can you picture that out? If not, better keep your imagination open. I have always been honest to myself if I am going through rough times. Those who knew me would truly say that I’m the type of call-my-support-system kind of person and just literally vent everything out. Not really like an open book but I only express my heart out to those whom I trust. But lately, I have been keeping all of my issues to myself. Let’s just say that I’m trying to be sensitive. *Long sigh*

We all are facing different battles every single day. Each battle is categorized according to its severity, duration, frequency and oh let’s not forget the “toxicity level” it might caused us. But tell you what, I do believe in the saying “Power of the Mind”. Like setting our minds to think on the good side, the better effect of the tragedy or the mess that we are in right now. Hoping to catch the advantage of the situation despite the chaos that we are trying to initially escape to but then later realized that we better solve it eventually.

But how to?

Long sigh.

You see, I am struggling to separate my current issues at home, work, and my inner demons (worries, fears, apprehensions, doubts, and a lot of pessimistic views about everything). Are you experiencing the same? If not, good for you. If yes, we’re rocking the same boat my friend.

But what keeps me sane (like staying grounded on that thin line not crossing over the other side) is that I keep my faith grounded. Faith that everything will come to pass no matter how big or small an issue is, no matter how pointless or chaotic our battles are, and no matter how tragic and toxic the effects may happen – the fact that  you’re still able to read this then you’re a LUCKY person. Why? Because it means that you are still alive. And the fact that I was able to write this means that I never gave up. I didn’t say NO to life.

Yes, if we have a bucket list of all our goals. We can also have a bucket list of all our problems. Why? So that we will be able to sort them all. Sort it in a way that we can distinguish each problems straight to the box – the easy, the average, and the difficult one. For the problems that are quite difficult to sort, don’t fret. That doesn’t mean that we are weak or something worse than that because we aren’t able to solve them, it just means that the problem needs more time to be settled or it is beyond our scope. What do I mean by beyond our scope? It means that it is beyond our control and the only thing we can do with that is lift it all up to the One who knows it all – the Man above. 🙂

P.S. Note to Self:

dont give up

P.P.S Note to You:

have faith

P.P.P.S Note to Us:



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