Stolen glances.


What’s with the view?

I asked myself.

That caught so much of my attention.

I looked back and there I found.

An old memory of ours.

Picture perfectly engraved in my heart.


Gathered my senses.

Piece by piece.

Gasped for air as I started to move.

I approached it with all that’s left of me.

Little by little.

Step by step.


It felt so heavy, tormenting as I go.

But I insisted – I still gave it a try.

With hope in my heart that I’ll reach it eventually.

Alas! I did it.

Such a relief.


I reached that old memory – our story.

My heart flustered and bothered at the same time.

I started to breathe fast.

Like something is pulling me back.

And it doesn’t feel right.


So I took a step backward.

But the pain is lingering from deep within.

I took a little step more.

Then more and more again.


Little did I know.

I was back there.

From where I started.

Far from that old memory – I so longed for.


And right there I realized.

Yes, it was just a memory.

A treasured thoughts from the past.

Something I can’t hold on to.

Couldn’t bring back along with me.


Because time and time alone can tell.

If that memory of ours is still worth keeping for.

I will definitely know it for sure.

But for  now – all I can take are stolen glances.

Without having the intention of bringing it all back.


So I took a step – a step forward.

And a little step more.

Then more and more.

Until such a time.

I’ll never turn back again.






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