The woman behind that smile.

I know of a woman who sees life as a constant battle between living and existing. Yes. You read it right. She is left with two worldly options – first, to live life the way that she’s purposely created to be and second, to simply just exist. And I tell you, she has no room for the latter.  Though there were so many times that she could have give in, drop it all down and just say no to life but she didn’t. She fought it through and she is still giving her best effort up until now because she strongly believed that we all have a living purpose. And though that purpose is still unknown, she clings to that promise that we will eventually figure it out – in time. For she is a believer.

Just like all of us, she is also aware that change is inevitable and so as death. That she has her own limits and weaknesses. That some things are beyond her capabilities to control or handle. That she is not perfect and that the world is not solely revolving around her and her story. Yes, she knows that. She is aware of the truth. Though not all of it but she keeps her mind open for all the possibilities that the world could offer her – regardless if it’s something favorable or not.

But human as we are, as much as we wanted to seize life and explore it. To discover things beyond our scope, ventured the immensity of God’s masterpiece. To take a strong sense of adventure, a leap of faith. We still and will always encounter turmoils that would challenge our very existence. Failures would drag us down. Problems and fears would arise from different directions and comes in various forms. Strikes us so hard and before we knew it, we are already at our rock bottom. Head shot.

But then again. She’s just human, like you and me. She stumbles and falls. She makes mistakes. Choices that sometimes lead her to a more chaotic and challenging situation. Something she didn’t expect to begin with but she still soldiered on. She may feel tired, burn – out,  and complain from time to time but she keeps on holding, strongly moving forward. Though she losts a lot of fights and faced battles that she should have not taken, she managed to carry on with her heart at stake. For she is a fighter.

You can also do the same. You can be you.

And yes. That woman is me.


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