Two strangers.


There are two people.

Not of the same age but of the same gender.

They were so happy.

They were so lovely.


They played and tagged along so well.

They enjoyed each other’s company.

Everything was so right for them.

Harmonizing each other’s existence.


They always got each other’s back.

Lifting each other when one of them falls down.

They walked hand in hand as one.

They were sisters.


But time tested their bond so hard.

Stirred their relationship.

Slowly breaking their connection.

They both struggled and got hurt.


A series of agonizing events.

Polished off the love they have for each other.

An array of painful situations.

Pushed them off to their limits.


And there, just like that.

They separated.

One abandoned the other.

Leaving the other one behind.


It was a heart – breaking scenery.

I could not fathom to bare.

For these two people that I know.

Now become strangers.





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