I have promised myself to really keep track on updating my day to day blog post. Just to share a piece of me to you but time doesn’t allow me too. Anyways, here’s my third set of throwback Thursday pictures. Hope you like it. 🙂

  1. Craziest picture of my high school bestest friends and I. It was Mary Rose (a.k.a. Madz) birthday. Back on our Nene Days and I just can’t help but laugh everytime I see this. Why? Because this pic was taken on our way home and we were all chatting about what our dreams and plans will be for the coming days. (More bonding time with each other. Ganon!) And then out of nowhere, she shouted and said that we should take a picture of our shadows since we were the only people walking in the street that time. Hello! It was past 2 am na kaya! So we did. We were supposed to do a Charlies Angel pose or Ghost Fighter stunt but then we won’t be able to hold the camera steadily, so we ended up with a “pa-cool pose”. And the highligh of this picture was – we were all smiling our hearts out, as if it would reflect and then we were all laughing while looking crazily at each other.  So yeah, I really find this moment so memorable.#hsadikfriends 🙂   C360_2016-03-24-23-09-59-282
  2. The 2nd picture is from Mary Ann’s 18th Birthday (a.k.a Maan). This is another complete picture of my high school bestest friends. Nene Days again? I can’t disagree. Halata naman di ba? HAHAHA. Anyways, this was an amazing night not  just because we were complete and celebrated the night with our dear friend who beautifully unfolded herself and become legalized. But also because I was able to sing her favorite song “When I Look at You” because she loves Miley Cyrus and really made our friend (the girl from the left in both pictures) wore something girly. If you’re wondering why, well because she’s a one proud lesbian and Yes – we all love her for everything that she is not and she is. #hsadiksfriendshipgoals 🙂   C360_2016-03-24-23-09-46-454 C360_2016-03-24-23-09-30-744
  3. My dear college buddies. My Ameegas. This picture is from Kristine’s 18th Birthday (my bestfriend Joiz, I guess you know her already). Second to my high school bestest friends whom I call Adiks, my Ameegas are also so, so, so dear to me. I guess you can see 3 familiar faces there. I know. We took the same school way back in high school, took again the same school for college, studied the same course and bachelor’s degree, and spent another 4 years together in the same room, same set of instructors, and same craziness just like the old times. Kaeshia whom I call Keshang (second on the left on top), Ivy  whom I call Ibeh (second to the left on the bottom), and Kristine (the debutant, my bestfriend, and the girl on the right with a cutie – silver dress)  these three girls here are my high school besties and college buddies too. The other two girls are Charmaine (a.k.a Chamen) and Kimberlee (a.k.a Khimmy), my two other sisters from different mothers. I love them both. I love them all. They are my support system, part of my comfort zone. In this picture, we were still complete but now, we’re not. Sad truth. Anyways, I will always treasure them, no matter what. That’s what friends are for. #NeneDays 🙂 C360_2016-03-24-23-08-54-676

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