Team YOLO Getaway

What did I miss?

Did I miss something important, like a milestone of your journey?


Did you happen to miss me? Because if you were to ask me, I am so sure that I miss blogging and reaching out to you little young ones. No kidding. I do.  🙂

Maybe you’re wondering where in the world was I for the last 2 weeks ago or maybe not? HAHA. But yes, I was seriously lonely and disappointed because of two reasons: first, I wasn’t able to update my blog (which is not good because I have a lot in mind but I couldn’t share it with you because of my schedule at work) and second, there were a lot of things that happened to me but I couldn’t put it into words (in short, I was in a state of “mental block” which usually don’t happened to me unless I am too scared or stressed). Maybe it was the latter. Anyways, I’m back – like so back and I am going to share about my experience with my teammates’ island hopping getaway last Sunday.

So here it is. Our team, Team YOLO, planned this island hopping getaway for a while now and there were a lot of plan changes too and I was so happy that we already did it. It was super amazing and take note, it was my first time doing it. I was like a little kid who was so excited to have my feet on the salty water for the first time. All of us stick to the plan like the meeting place, the time that we should meet up, the food and other stuff needed to prepare for our food, the gadgets (cameras and speakers) and of course, ourselves.

I was a bit surprised when I arrived at our meeting place because I was the first one to arrive and because of that I decided to eat. Oh my dear hungry tummy. Then my teammates started coming and I was caught off guard when I saw Jess (one of my teammate) with her boyfriend and Liana (another teammate of mine) with Grian, her cutiepatotie daughter.  Made me believe that “the more the merrier”.

After 15 – 20 minutes of waiting, we finally headed to our destination. We hopped in to our assigned buddies (who have a car). Yeah life’s like that since I don’t know how to drive and I definitely don’t have a car yet. In time.

I tagged along with Tatay Gucci, my bestfriend Joiz, Sir Neil (our SME), and Jovan. We were 5 and it was truly a hyped. We talked and laughed a lot. We had a crazy ride. We also had a hard time looking for ice cubes and that prolonged our excitement because we have to go from one store to the other. Some kind of a stop – over bonding for us. We were successful in finding 2 bags of ice cubes for our drinks and food but we were the last one to arrive in the port.

And yes, we then slowly started loading our things in the big boat (not the boat that I imagined the last time. HAHA) and it made me so happy because it was not that narrow like in the picture. We then sailed off little by little until I could no longer see the port and the selfie-ing went on and on. Others were busy preparing on their gears; others were focusing on taking good photos; and the rest and that includes me were so busy cooking and frying and peeling. But it was fun.

We visited two islands, Nalusuan Island and Hilutungan Island; these islands are such a gem. I truly enjoyed swimming even though there are a lot of baby jellyfishes floating and swimming along with us. It wasn’t itchy so I was not so worried about it. We also had plenty of time swimming, laughing, chit – chatting, taking model – like photos courtesy of Sir Gian (our supervisor’s boyfriend), and eating which is my second most favorite in our activity.

hilutungan island

Hilutungan Island

nalusuan island

Nalusuan Island

I also spent quality time sitting at the edge of the boat alone, giving me enough time to think and commune with nature. It was truly a blast. I enjoyed spending quality time with them. It was like a farewell party for me since I’ll be working now in a new account, leaving my first – ever team in my first – ever BPO experience. Anyhow, I will still keep in touch with them because we are like a family already and family never gives up on each other. *sentimental mode*


So here are some of the pictures of our island hopping. Hope you enjoy it. And I hope that maybe you, yes you little earthlings, could also experience island hopping with your dear friends, family, and colleagues.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kudos for more adventures and yolo moments! 🙂


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