Rock bottom

Desperately longing for a light to pass through the darkness.

Hungrily striving for a way out in a journey that is close to hell.

Stumbled and fall a countless times.

She begged and begged for someone to help.

But nobody dared to answer.

There was no one out there willing to reach out.

To see her hands and knees, pained and wounded.

She pleaded and pleaded.

But nobody cared or tried.

To see her bleeding heart.

What she hoped to see is just a small act of human kindness.

But there was none.

She kneeled.

She cried voicelessly.

Screamed in deep silence.

And there she was.

At the rock bottom.

And as she falls slowly.

She hit herself so hard.

It awakened her dying soul.

Her heart that was once

crumbled and crushed into pieces suddenly beat again.

Though not in the same way like how your heart is beating right now.

But in a manner that allows her to walk through that dark, silent path.

And there she chose to live.

She decided not to leave the world without a word.

A remnant with a purpose.

And there she abandoned that empty and dark alley.

And soldiered on.



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