He is the Man.

Words could not fully describe him but I’ll try.

I’m going to define him in the way that I see him.

I’m going to share a part of him to you so that you can understand.

The genuine happiness I have to have him.

He is the man I thanked the Man above for.

Because he knows the word love and how to put action to it.

He always put first of other people’s feelings over his.

And with that I honestly could not ask for more.

He is the man I envisioned to guide me.

Because he is very upright and strong.

He is steadfast and firm in making decisions.

And with that kind of values – I know I’ll be safe.

He is the man I looked up to with so much respect.

Because he may seem so strict and bold.

And sometimes too difficult to read.

But with that I know I can be in the right path – without a doubt.

He is the man I love to cherish my earthly time with.

Because he is very mysterious and knowledgeable.

His sense of humor and how he sees the world is beyond compare.

And with that I know that I can be well – taught of.

He is the man I pray that my future husband would like to be.

Not perfect, with flaws and imperfections but real.

He is true to himself and speaks for what he believes is right.

And with that I know I am with the right kind of man.

Above all, he is also the man I am afraid to hurt or to lose.

Because he may seem tough on the outside but is also a total softy on the inside.

And I know that with conviction because I am his daughter.

And he is no other than my biological and worldly father.

P.S. Shout out to the most awesome Papa in the world. Cheers to you because you have me as your daughter. Luckiest me to have you in my life as my father. Truth be told, I wouldn’t exchange you for the world, not in this lifetime and definitely never in my next! 🙂


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