Their Woman. His Woman. My Mother.


Oh! This woman!

They say, she is the most difficult woman to read.


Simply because she is –

Sometimes she’s very cheerful and sometimes not.

Sometimes she’s kind and sometimes not.

Sometimes she’s talkative and sometimes not.

Sometimes she’s friendly and sometimes not.

Yes, that’s their woman.


Oh! That woman is his woman!

She is his lion and he is the lamb.

Wish it’s the other way around but it’s not.

He says – my woman is wise and a goal – digger.

Definitely not the kind of woman you can easily manipulate.

He says – my woman is strong that even the word giving up is not on her list.

Truly genuine – she’s the woman who captured his heart.

Yes, that’s his woman.


Oh! That woman!

She’s someone I look up to with so much gratitude and respect.

Though she is very stiff and easily anger – she is still a softy.

Though she acts tough on the outside but she never lied when she’s in pain.

She inhibits the spirit of goodwill with every little thing she does.

She never complains not until her bank of positivism’s provoked.

She doesn’t tolerate wrongdoings; she’ll correct me right away.

She’s the kind of woman I wouldn’t exchange for the world.

Not in this lifetime and definitely never in my next.

Because this woman is my mother.


P.S. Happy Mother’s Day my Mamadearest. Gone are the days when we’re both fighting over petty things because we finally realized that complaining and wallowing over it could only create chaos and pain. We’re not perfect and we’ll never will but what’s important now is the love and respect we have for each other grows stronger and deeper every single day. Because by the end of the day, you will always be my biological and worldly mother and I will always be your daughter. I love you always and for a lifetime. 🙂




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