Meaningless love.

Is there such a thing as meaningless love?

Please tell me that there is none.

Because if there is –

Then I don’t want to fall in love anymore.


Not at all.

Because I believe that –

Love should be with so much passion.

Full of surprises and romance.

Love should be treated with sweet caress.

And not just a temporary, fleeting feeling.

Love should be beautifully experienced, carved within our souls.

And not just being played around, “just that” andย  sort of a fling and poof it’s all gone.

Because again –

To fall in love and to feel love should be between You and Me.

Two different entities exploring the world together.

Growing old hand in hand not for forever because there’s no such thing as that.

But a lifetime with you and that would be enough.

To the rightful person –

Whom I don’t want to have a meaningless love with.

I hope and pray that you see the kind of love the way that I see it.

If not, then let’s catch each other on our way up.


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