Could it be me?

I pray to the Man above.
That I could be that person you will write a life story with.
It’s not necessary for it to be perfect.
For as long as there is you and me in it – it’s enough.

Just so you know –
I’m just a typical, ordinary woman.
So I wouldn’t ask for too much.
I won’t ask you to give me the world.
Or for you to be my world.
Just your purest intentions.
Nothing more and nothing less.

I am a woman of dreams.
But I am not a dreamer, I earnestly work for it.
I like challenges.
But I am not a fighter, I carefully face it for me to survive.
I am a woman of hope.
But I am not hoping for too much, I literally aim for what is possible.

I may be this kind of woman.
But then again – I am not perfect.
I am created with imperfections and flaws.
With insufficiency and weaknesses.
So my question is –

Could it be me?


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