05 / 26 / 16



It’s been a while since I last updated my day to day activities and I am not going to make any excuses anymore. I just got lazy.  Problems kept coming in and out. Anyways, here I am! Finally, back on the right track. I’m going to post more and give you more insights about me, about the art of writing, and about the beauty of life through the little things.

Here are my Throwback Thursday pictures of my “first ever experiences”. Hope you like it 🙂

  1. This pictures paints a lot of good and bad memories that I would never ever forget and I wouldn’t never ever regret. This was my first ever scuba – diving in A&B Dive Shop. It’s memorable for me because I was with my team, whom I considered as my first ever company family – Team Karma’s Angels. I used to work as an ESL Teacher at QQE (Quick and Quality English). Our main reason why we went there is to spend quality time together, to get to know more about each other, to sing karaoke and to eat samgyupsal. But we were hooked in to try scuba – diving because it’s for free. Want to know why? Teachers from QQE are for free to try the open scuba – diving or the Level 1 Diving Session. Of course! How could we say no? So we tried it! Though not all  of us because some have phobias with water (like doing water sports or any water activities). Another reason why it’s memorable for me because I almost got myself killed. HAHAHA! Good thing, I’m still alive. It was because I panicked when I tried to remove the bubbles in my goggles and forgot to breathed in through my mouth. So I untangled my goggles and swum with all of my strength for me to get to the top. So just imagine yourself wearing a wetsuit and with an oxygen tank on your back and your at the bottom for almost 20 feet and your swimming your way to the top. It was hilarious! But it didn’t stop me from swimming back in and tried it the second time around and it was successful. It was so satisfying. I wish I could do scuba – diving again. #TeamKarmasAngels 🙂
  2. C360_2016-05-26-14-40-57-996This second picture was my first ever Zip – line ride in Papa Kits. I was with my close friend, Chamen (she’s called CF by her students and Cha by my college friends), my Japanese student, Shino and Chamen’s Japanese student Kyoko. It was their last week in QQE and we decided to spend quality time together since we were close with each other. Shino have been student for 4 months. She was very dear to me because she’s very diligent, kind, and very patient. She’s sweet too. I actually was frightened to try zip-lining alone, so I asked Chamen to tagged along with me but she said I would be such a baby if I will do it. So yeah, I did it because I got challenged and because – I REALLY LIKE TO FLY or THE FEELING OF FLYING. And it was fun, really fun. 🙂 #flyingLablab
  3. C360_2016-05-26-14-40-39-364My first ever unexpected customized 22nd  Birthday Card. Why is this memorable? Simply because this birthday card was so much made with love and details. Truly didn’t expect my Ameegas to prepare such birthday present for me. We already celebrated my birthday in our shop and had a little dinner, just a simple celebration. I was really touched not just by the pictures on it but also the messages inside the card. It was full of memories, good or bad. As I am thinking of what to type next, I am already teary – eyed. I’m such a such cry – bear. This is by far the sweetest and the most important birthday gift that my Ameegas have given me and I am still rooting for more surprises especially now that I’m turning 25. Mid – life crisis here I come. HAHAHA. 🙂 #bestbirthdaygiftfrommyAmeegas                                                                            C360_2016-05-26-14-40-03-886


This is all for now. Enjoy the little things, my dear little young ones. 🙂 🙂 🙂




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