I Choose to be Free.

I used to fly.

As high as you can think of.

I used to seize the beauty of the world.

Set in front of my naked eyes.

I used to wonder.

To keep up with my colorful imaginations.

I used to wander.

To content my heart’s desire.

I used to live freely.

Like a bird, like the air.

But now, I don’t know where I am.

Worst, it’s making me forget who I am.

Since I set foot on these four – sided walls.

It cut my connection from the world that I used to be in.

It drained out my happy soul’s connection.

And it made me unhappy.

And now, I’m on the brink of ending this agony.

I’m bringing back my freedom.

I’ll take this chance of redeeming what I deserve to have.

I need it, I need to be free.




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