That one fake flower.

It’s been a while since the last time I saw my favorite flower beautifully arrange in our altar. The last time I saw it was last February, Valentine’s Day. I today while I was preparing myself for work, I saw it again and it really caught my eye. Why? Simple because it’s my favorite flower and every time I see it makes me smile.

A lot of people ask me what my favorite flower is and why do I like it so much but I couldn’t give them an answer. I just smile. Silly me, right? It’s just a flower that’s what they say but for me it is not just a flower. Flower for me plays a significant role when I get to know a person. It’s like giving me an additional idea in knowing a person’s taste and sense of judgment – like how they describe it, how important it is, and what’s the purpose of it to them. Because normally, when I get to know a person, I know a person by heart – I care about the little things about them.

Again, why that flower? Well, I grew up in a family where both of my parents are striving so hard to earn for a living. Toiling day and night. And during the first 12 years of their marriage was their toughest. My Papa, as romantic as he is, despite the fact that he didn’t have enough money or things of his own, he never fails to spoil my Mama. He buys food for her, clothes for her, gives her free passes and tickets during his soccer games but one thing that my Papa never buys for her is a flower. My Mama was not asking for a bouquet of expensive, fragrant flowers – she just wanted to at least receive one. But my Papa never did not until that one moment. And my Mama never complained but she silently wished for it though.

My Mama had this very sensitive and frail pregnancy. She had a very traumatic experiences like miscarriages and stillbirth. But my Papa never lost hope of having one, so as my Mama. But after 12 years of trying, they got me.

So where’s the connection to it and my favorite flower? Well, my dear little young ones –  the moment I was born was also the same time and the first time that my Papa bought my Mama a flower. It wasn’t a bouquet, it wasn’t wrapped in fancy, colorful papers, and in fact, it wasn’t real too. It was a plastic flower with no thorns and sharp edges but it was exquisitely planted inside a flower pot. Yes! You read it right! It was a fake flower in a flower pot.

The big question there is – why?

My Papa told me that the reason why he doesn’t buy my Mama flowers is because for him my Mama is his flower – a very ethereal, though moody and sometimes very strict but still a very loving flower. He doesn’t need one, he jokingly told me that. And the only reason why he gave my Mama a fake flower in a pot is because he said that it describes his love for my mother. Not that his love for my Mama is fake but because he rationally said that a real flower withers when it is not well taken care off and time will come that it will naturally dies. Just to quote it right, it’s not that he can’t take good care of my mother because by far my Papa is the best husband to my Mama ever! One and only! But Papa said a fake flower doesn’t wither or die unless you intentionally do so. So just like his love for my Mama, it’s undying. He added that it may fade, lessen, or fell out for a couple of arguments and fights but it will never die. And oh! If you will ask me where that fake flower is now. My mother buried it. If you’re asking where again? I really don’t know because when I asked my Mama, she just smiled at me. Anyways, that’s why that flower became my favorite flower.

But actually, I have two reasons why I love that flower so much – first, because of the story behind it and second, because it’s beautiful and delicate just like how my Mama carried me in her womb and how she prayed so hard for me to be born healthy and safe and again it was her first time to receive one from my Papa. See? We don’t just simply pick our favorite flower, we chose it for a reason. So it’s not just a flower.

P.S. To those guys (hopefully man enough) who are used to spending their money on an attractively arranged and wrapped bunch of flowers, now is the right time to change your style. Go for something more meaningful. Get to know the woman that you are in love with more on the little things. Give her something that can last for a long time. But if you are hardheaded enough and you really like to give a bouquet. Give her roses of her preference, but buy a one synthetic rose and mix it with the real ones. Then you can attach a note indicating, “I will only stop loving you when the last rose dies.” Yeah! I know it’s corny but if I will be it, I will love it for sure. 🙂



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