I hope that you’re the man my Dad hoped for.


One sunny morning.

My Dad held my hand.

Then asked me a silly question.

He caught me off guard for a second.

It’s a query that is by far the least that I could think of.

And definitely, the last on my list – for now.


He asked me “What kind of person should I marry?”

It made me laugh for a second then a minute after I couldn’t utter a word.

He just stared at me.

Tapped my shoulder.

And said, “Marry someone you can depend on to during your weakest, worst moments”


I smirked.

Still didn’t answer.

I listened gently as he breathed in and out.

Then I told him.

“I would marry someone like you”.

He smiled but gave me a “NO” sign.


“NO”, you said with conviction.

Don’t marry someone like me.

Rather marry someone you can see yourself growing old with.

Someone who appreciates your wholeness.

Someone who is too damned enough to accept all your imperfections.

And above all things, he should be someone whom the Man above created you for


Almost teary – eyed.

I answered you with a hug.

Then you gently patted my head saying.

“I’m not rushing you because it isn’t a competition you said.”

I just need you to see the Man you will spend your lifetime with the way that I hoped for –

Because I have raised you to be the kind of woman that a man has been praying for.

P.S. Fatherly words of wisdom from the Man I have always looked up to. How lucky my Mama is for marrying someone like you and how blessed I am to have you as my worldly biological father. I am so sure that the Man above is joyful to raised you so well. Indeed, what a good reflection to welcome Father’s Day this coming Sunday.

The photo being used is not mine. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I hope that you’re the man my Dad hoped for.

    • Chameeeeeeeeeeeeeen you’re here. Sneaking in and out sa akong mga walang kabuluhan pero heartful na mga blog posts? Hehe. Thank you. I cried while writing this too. You know na, Papa’s very sensitive and emotional too.


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