06 / 23 / 16



Hello little young ones! I’m pretty excited to share to you my Throwback Thursday pictures. Why? Because I will show you a different side of me this time. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it too 🙂

  1.  Me and the Couple House. This house was actually the dormitory of my Taiwanese students, Angel (whom I call Big Brother) and Ollie (whom I call Mr. Chef). The reason that I was there because they invited me in for a get together before they go back to Taiwan. I don’t usually do this kind of activity with my students before because I want to avoid any issues or to get too attached to them. I am sensitive. But these two are just so hard to resist. They’re the kindest and sweetest Taiwanese students that I have in QQE (Jerry is also included). Ollie prepared Taiwanese food for me and for the other 3 instructors. While waiting we played UNO cards, we sang songs, talked about our experiences (love life to be exact), took a lot of photos too. We had so much fun that day. When we were about to go home, I personally asked Angel to take a photo of me with their dormitory for 3 reasons. First, simply because I am so much in love with the color blue (aside from dark shaded colors that I loves also like brown, black, and gray). Second, the house was so unique. And third, my best-friend’s friend (the one who got close to me because we had the same issues with our love interest back then) is into color pink. I won’t name him though. Secret na lang yon! All I can say is, we had the same type of music genres and enjoy the same stuff together. He was the one who introduced me to the world of anime series too. My friends teased me to him but we really are just friends. A good friend. #pinky #bluey #lovehouse                    FB_IMG_1466231592699
  2. Short hair, don’t care moment. This picture was taken 2 years ago and this has been the shortest hair cut that I have gone so far. It’s memorable for me because I decided to cut my hair on that day only to simply celebrate Chinese New Year. I also thought of doing something that I haven’t ever done before. My mom was flabbergasted when she saw my hair that short. She scolded me. Even my friends had violent reactions because I really had a long curly hair and they like it that way. HAHA. I loved it but I felt sad after 2 or 3 months because I wasn’t able to tie my hair the same way that I usually tie it. If you were to ask me if I would cut my hair that short again? Maybe not. HAHAHA. #shorty #hairday FB_IMG_1466231462103
  3. Recognition for a job very well done! This picture is a major milestone for me. Why? Because it’s such an honor to be appreciated by someone who you took so much care of. I mean it’s a nice feeling when someone praise you for doing something good, right? As a nurse, it is not always the case. Because sometimes, the nurses are being blamed for being lazy, careless, not attentive, and even dumb. (excuse me for the lack of word) but yes, this happens. This happened during my 3rd cycle in the Medical – Surgical Department, my partner there is Bryle and the one at the center is our mommy – mentor, Sir Nikki. It was truly unexpected because we were preoccupied by our case management and thesis that time so when we received it and saw that it was posted on our activity board, Bryle and I were flustered. We were happy of course! Our mentor was the proudest because he said that he raised good nurse leaders in the future, his successor. Too bad, I lost track though because I am still here in the BPO business. But I promise to get back on track the soonest time possible, more determined and ready to set goals as a registered nurse – a dependable, responsible, and proactive nurse. #NurseLove #NurseBryle #MommyMentorNikki #Achiever #ProudNurses FB_IMG_1466231390053

This is all for now. How about you, do you have any throwback stories to share? Please feel free to do so. Again, Happy Thankful Thursday little young ones 🙂


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