07 / 05 / 16

tuesday thoughts

  • Current Mood: Feeling determined! Hmmmmmmm. I’m thinking of really starting to make a move, baby steps should I say. I have so many plans ahead of me and I don’t want to be bombarded by it (that is if I won’t make a move now).
  • Listening to: I Just Wanna by Amber feat Eric Nam followed by Eyes, Nose, Lips covered by Eric Nam originally sang by Taeyang of Big Bang. (Di masyadong halata that I am so in love with this guy. I love you Eric! HAHAHA)
  • Thinking of: What time should I go home to the city? (When I am still here, facing my pc, thinking of what to type next. I don’t feel like going home or should I say I am not interested in going to my work later tonight. *long sigh*
  • Doing: 2 hours ago I was babysitting my nephew in school. Instant stage tita mommy, you can call me that if you want because I am. And now, once I’m done here I’ll prep myself to go back to the city but I really don’t want to.
  • Eating: I just ate my lunch. Papa and I had some Dinuguan and Ampalaya. Good combination right? Oh! Had some Waffers too. HAHAHA.
  • Planning to: Preparing for Zachy’s and Kuya Janjan’s stuff for school for Thursday (good thing they don’t have classes tomorrow) before I go back to the city. Papa’s too overwhelmed with his workload and I don’t want him to stress himself more.


So these are my thoughts for today. How about you little young one? How’s your Tuesday going so far? I hope that it’s doing just right. 🙂


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