07 / 06 / 16

who goat wednesday

I thought that I could add some light side of my blog by adding this to my day to day blog life. So I created Who – Goat Wednesday. It is derived from the Filipino word “Hugot” which means a punch line or a line that depicts a sad note especially in terms of love, unrequited love, one – sided kind of love and any other types of love that is not being noticed, appreciated, or reciprocated.

Why this? Hmmm. Simply because it’s very timely. A lot of people are so into this hugot lines, it could be a lyric from a song or even the title itself, a line from a movie, or a part of a book, or even based on a personal experience. A lot of video blogs on Youtube, short video clips on Facebook, and even on radio stations would really show different ways to express their hugot lines and moments. And I’m telling you, it’s fun.

One of my personal favorite is popularly known in the social media as Medyo Maldito (Rowell Ucat in real life). I met him once and had a picture of him too during a Bisrock Concert just this year. He’s a very happy type of person and very humorous. He’s charming too. No wonder why a lot of people are so into liking his page and staying updated to his new videos because everybody can relate, even for those singles out there.

So here’s my first ever Who – Goat Wednesday line for you little young ones. Honestly, I really couldn’t think of any and as I was scanning through some good photo to cover I remembered a song that my friends usually sing. It’s kind of old school but it’s very meaningful. It’s a song of England Dan and John Ford Coley titled “It’s Sad to Belong”. My favorite line there is:

Oh, it’s sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along,
Yes, it’s sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along.

Can you relate to these lines? Do you know of anyone who can relate to this? How would you feel if you are this person in the song? These are just few of the questions that comes up.

Please feel free to express your thoughts by leaving a comment below and let me hear from my you. Happy Who – Goat Wednesday.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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