It’s really, really cute.

When you make small little promises.

When you show me your eyes smile.

And when you make that puppy  look –

Just for me to say “Yes”.


It’s really, really amazing.

When you cry your heart out.

When you laugh at my little corny jokes.

And when you jump out of joy.

Because you’re given a reward for being such a good fellow.


And it’s really, really worth living.

When you kiss my forehead.

When you hug me tight.

And when you made that little pinky swear last night.

And told me that even when I’m already old and gray –

Your love will always be the same.


P.S. I wrote this poem while I was waiting for my nephew (that kiddo in the header photo) at school. He is just 5  years old. My family and I considered him a miracle and a gift. He taught me a lot of things, things that I never learned in school. I thank God for having him as my nephew. Way to go Piglet! 🙂


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