07 / 19 / 16

tuesday thoughts

  • Current Mood: Sleepy and tired. *no joke* But I realized that I have a lot of errands to do today. *long sigh* I should tough it through today. Don’t you think?
  • Listening to: “Imoha Ra Akong Kasing-kasing” this is a Vispop 4.0 song interpreted by Von Saw and Aine Abella. I like listening to it because of the message of the song. It’s somewhat childish but on point. I am a big fan of Bisrock ever since so there’s no dull moments when I’m listening to it.
  • Thinking of: (1st) What time I should be home after doing my errands today. (2nd) What time I would fall asleep. *like the literal sleep mode* and (3rd) Would I succeed in today’s chores. #fingerscross
  • Doing: Blogging. Nope. Seriously, I’m still at work. Multitasking. Good thing my member did not attend so I have a couple of minute break to blog and blog and blog. 🙂
  • Eating: I just ate actually. I ate 3 pieces of bread with dark chocolate (courtesy of Momma Jewel since she got an award for this month and because she promised to buy one for us) #happytummy
  • Planning to: Finish all my errands today with arms wide open and wholeheartedly. Because if I won’t do it now, then when? HAHA. Nobody else will do this other than me. So I’ll be my own hero starting today. *trying to be independent, ganoin!*
  • Hoping to: Get at least 6-7 hours of sleep today. So no Facebook and Instagram today. Just for today. HAHA. Health is better than wealth. And I will not be able to get the latter if I’m not healthy. Right? (Though I don’t really want to be wealthy, just saying. Just enough).


This is all for now. Maybe later tonight, I’ll post about my getaway with my #TeamYOLOforLife family in Lingay Beach Resort. I just need to gather all the pics though and lots of selfies and beautiful faces with my beloved friends from All Savers. Please do check on it later. 🙂

How about you little young ones? What are your thoughts this Tuesday? I hope that no matter what it is, you are all doing it just right. Just carry on always and learn from every single thing that you do – big or small.


3 thoughts on “07 / 19 / 16

  1. master.ryo says:

    I met Von Saw and Aine Abella last VisPop and I find them cute same goes to their song, their performance is also flawless during the competition. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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