07 / 20 / 16

who goat wednesday


Here I am again! Another session of Who – Goat Wednesday to you little young ones. And I chose a beautiful hugot line from one of my favorite American Series, The Vampire Diaries. I chose this scene because I miss Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) and her witty sarcastic attitude. I just so love her aura and her personality in real life. Oh, well! Here it goes:


The reason why I pick this graphics interchange format because I’m currently watching a Korean Drama right now and the other female character (not the main lead actress) there asked the same question as what Candice asked in this episode. Hmmmm. Have you ever ask someone the same question that she did? Have you ever feel the same way as what Caroline felt? Have you ever ask yourself that question? Quite difficult, right?

But with all honesty, if you were to ask me – Yes, I did. I did ask that question to my best friend before (during those broken moment of mine), I did feel the same way that Caroline felt (or even worse) and I did ask myself that question too.

And I just feel like sharing this today. Have you experience it? I hope not but if you do, I hope you’re able to accept it and moved on. Let’s just tough it through little young ones. πŸ™‚


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