Out of the Open.


Have you ever experience what it’s like to live in a place with no escape?

It’s horribly tormenting.

Even just the thought of it.

Because the way out cease to exist.

You try to run with all the strength that you have.

But what’s the use of running?

When you’re running in circles.

Pointless, you’re just tiring yourself.

You try to scream at your loudest.

But what’s the use of screaming?

When nobody will ever hear your voice.

Helpless, you’re just hurting yourself.

And the last thing you did was to hope in anything and everything.

But does hoping make sense?

And you said with conviction – Yes, it does.

Even when the chances of failing is possibly high.

You hope for yourself that –

You’ll never stop running,

for every little thing that makes you feel so alive.

You’ll never quit screaming,

to voice out every single word that awakens your soul.

And lastly, you’ll never give up hoping.

Because you know that with this tiny piece of hope inside you –

This would take you out of the open.


The photo being used is not mine.:)


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