08 / 09 / 16

who goat wednesday


Let’s start with the question, “Have you ever…?” for my Who Goat Wednesday. I hope that after reading this day-to-day blog post of mine, You, I mean “we” would be able to value those people around us not just in a romantic kind of way but in the most genuine way possible because we are all battling different kinds of war. 🙂

Alright. So here are my have-you-ever-questions:

Have you ever love someone in silence? or Have you ever love someone and that someone does not love you back? or Have you ever tried to love someone because that someone loves you? or Have you ever realized that you finally love that someone and that someone does not love you anymore? Or worst, have you ever experience loving someone and that someone loves you back but because of certain conflicts and issues you could not end up being together, like together – together?

Why did it crosses my mind today? Well, simply because I know of someone dear to me who is in this kind of situation. Well, I find this very unfair because if you truly love each other why can’t you be together? Am I right or not?

I know, I sound so immature in dealing with this kind of situation – maybe it’s because I have never been in a relationship, an official-kind-relationship but maybe it’s also because I just feel for my friend, I feel her sorrow and tormenting pain.

And while I was scrolling and looking for a good picture to use today, I saw this quote in Google and it truly caught my eye and my heart. It’s so relatively connected to what I am feeling right now for my friend. I intentionally let her read it and as expected, she didn’t say a thing. Her silence and long sigh are already enough for me to know her answer.

Here’s what the quote says:


Tainted love.

Tainted. Love.

Have you ever been in a tainted kind of love? If it’s a yes, how far would you go for you to keep that love alive? And if it’s a no, how willing are you to make that person stay no matter how chaotic it is?

Long sigh.



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