Picture Challenge Friday 1.2

fun fact friday

A picture of my Favorite Television Show:


Yes! I truly admit that I am a big fan of The Vampire Diaries since the very beginning and up until now. I have been watching a lot of television series but TVD just captured my heart the most. And I am very disheartened that they are now on their final season, Season 8. Honestly, at first I truly don’t understand why they keep on “exchanging love interests” because I find it very unhealthy *Well, this is my own opinion and please do not hesitate to share yours*.

But what really caught my attention why I follow and watch all their teasers, spoiler alerts on the internet, read all the articles about the characters, and rooting every single episodes is simply because I am drawn to the story itself and for every single character that took part, still takes part, and will take part of the show no matter how tragic, chaotic, nerve – wrecking, teeth – quenching, and heartbreaking those episodes are.

How about you little young ones, what is your favorite television show? Mind if you share? 🙂

P.S. I am a #TeamSteroline but originally a #TeamKlaroline. Of course #TeamDelena for the win! 🙂


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