Team YOLO goes to Lingay


Finally! I am now back, like literally back. Why? Why just now? Well, I was just bombarded with a lot of workload lately both in the office and at home – time restrictions! Personal issues as well. Ganoin! Anyhow, I’m back and I will do whatever I can to really update my blog as often as I want to because this is my personal space where I can say whatever I want, do whatever I want, and just be myself – nothing more, nothing less.

So here’s the first one.

Team YOLO went to Lingay Beach Resort last July 17, 2016. Just imagine, we’ve been planning this whole north – bound getaway for almost 2 years and finally it came to reality. Why? Simply because it’s been pretty tough for us knowing that we have different shifts, different accounts, and different priorities to attend to now especially after our account was dissolved. We hardly find time to catch up and if we do, it’s only through our Facebook group chat or group conversation at work. We’re clingy as always so that’s why it’s important that we still maintain that personal get – together, no matter what.

So when Miss Nhaj, our Supervisor voiced out of going to Lingay – we did not hesitate on agreeing to it because it is something that we really would like to visit to after a long wait. And Tatay Gucci, the grandson of the owner of Lingay Beach Resort also agreed and confirmed that we can go there. So no problem at all! Though there were others who weren’t able to join but still, it did not stop us from going. We were sad for them but we know that we have them in spirit, that’s what real families do.

Two days prior to our departure date to Lingay, it was a Payday Friday, so we gathered enough money for our expenses (gasoline and other stuff) to prepare. We did not worry about our food though because Miss Nhaj was the one who shouldered the expenses. We really could not ask for more. By the way this is Lingay Beach Resort.


We met with the team at McDonald’s, IT Park that morning. Though we experienced some unexpected situation but we were able to surpassed it because “we’re so good at it”. We used two cars to accommodate us all, Hazel’s and Tatay Gucci’s car. We divided the group into two. Hazel also brought Kaycee and Liana brought Grian, the two little cutie kiddos, who made our get together more memorable. It was a fun joyride because we discussed a lot of “personal and confidential” issues both at work and at home, the people but more of “the person”, and something new about all of us. I was at the backseat with Momma Jewel, so we talked and ate and napped and took selfies a lot, like a lot. HAHAHA. Indeed, it was a whole lot of crazy and enjoyable ride!

When we arrived to Bogo City, we dropped off to their wet market to buy all the foods and ingredients that we needed and of course having Hazel as our main chef. And the moment we reached to the resort, we were welcomed by the resort’s head mistress and take note, she has an accent.

We got there to the resort almost lunch time so we hurriedly prepared cooking, setting the tables, and prepping for our session (heart to heart talk). We divided the task well that’s why we were able eat just on time. So here’s our finish product, All Savers most favorite theme “Boodle Fight”.

After our lunch, we gathered in the resort’s big space and set our small picnic blanket (but actually it was a bed mattress), our small tent for the kids, our Poker table (because we were all eager to learn how to play it), and of course, the booze and ladies drinks which Miss Nhaj personally prepared. Session time!

We talked a lot of things, we shared and poured our heart out on how much we miss spending quality time together. We expressed our opinions and views on some issues that we are currently working on to like our love life, how to handle our new Supervisors and colleagues, and future plans. We recalled some good old memories too. Things like that, though very common and can easily be discussed with other people but it felt more special because we were able to open up with the people who considers you like a family, whom I considered as my family too. Excuse me for being so dramatic but this is for real.

And of course, we took a lot of groupfies! We surely would not miss this part because we treasure each moment in a photograph. So here are some of the photos that I grabbed along with our selfies, twofies, threefies and all of the above. So enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the end, we were able to spend precious time together even for a day. A day where we were able to forgot about our city life, our work, our fears and worries, and our stresses and stressors. A day filled with laughter, friendly confrontations, messing (in a good way of course) each others’ love life goals, and plans (short and long term). These people are the reason why I am still staying in the company that I am in right now. They helped me discover some of my potential skills and hidden abilities both the good and the bad, should I say. I got attached to them and I considered them a factor of who I am now as a person.

So to wrap this up before I cry a river here, I’ll end it with my personal favorite picture among all the pictures that we’ve got in this outing and a beautiful line from Marc and Angel. I hope you guys like it and maybe in the future you could also visit Lingay Beach Resort.



At the end of the day, despite our shortcomings and failures, past mistakes, broken promises, misfortunes, heartbreaks, losses, and everything in between – we are still a family bounded with love. Kudos Team YOLO! Team All Savers for Life! β™₯β™₯β™₯


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