Real Appeal’s First Ever!

I belong now to another team, the Real Appeal Team. I would be lying if I say that I’m doing well in this account because honestly speaking I am not at the beginning and currently, still not doing well. But I must admit that it’s also my fault why. Maybe because I am too overwhelmed by the account, though I had an experience on handling people online but the set – up is just different because of the script, the people *specific people* (I told you before that I have trust issues, it really takes a while to adapt to my new workmates or the leaders), the rules, and definitely, the system. I know that I am not in All Savers anymore but it’s just very different, totally different – I felt like I am lost or getting myself lost in the middle of understanding the why’s and the how’s in my brain.

Anyways, I’m not here to blurt about “it” because what I’m about to share to you is more on the activity that we had last month – the first ever team outing for Real Appeal. Seriously, it keeps on getting postponed every now and then for some circumstances which were somewhat controllable but most of the time it’s our  “priorities and choices” that knocks it off. Until finally, we were able to schedule it with all the team member’s approval. Yipey!

We started off discussing about the location and we all decided to stay for a night in Lagunde Hotel Resort in Oslob, Cebu (south – bound team outing this time) because it’s near to the port towards Sumilon Island. It was a crazy joyride because Tatay Gucci’s car is quite small and we were 6 inside it. We went to SRP (South Road Property) and had our lunch there before taking that long drive.

On our first day, we just jammed in the pool until dawn and the morning after that we headed off to Sumilon Island. By the way this is Lagunde Hotel Resort (Pool Area and the Information Desk).

We were like inside the PBB House because we have different work assignments in the kitchen. We prepared a lot for dinner, like a lot that we did not even finish the rest of the food. So the food left was brought the next day to Sumilon as our baon.

After our dinner we had some crazy and competitive games in the pool area. We were divided into two groups and I was with Phoebe, Daniel, Wally, and Yan and our team won. We had some booze but as usual I did not take any because I just don’t want to. Lastly, we had some personal time off sharing about our stories while we were in the pool. Whatever happened there, I hope that it will stay there for good.

It was already super late when Tatay Gucci and Momma Jewel headed to the room, our room. I was honestly staying for that wee hours just to watch over the two because my best friend Joiz asked me to and I love to stay there for no apparent reason as well. So there were two rooms, so it was I, Momma Jewel, Tatay Gucci, Yan, Daniel, and Chresh who shared the room. It was air – conditioned, so we slept well. *except for the snoring part* And also, how could we forget our morning selfies of course with Momma Jewel. Ta – da! 🙂


I woke up like this and I know it’s a mess! Break it down. HAHAHA.

The sun came up and we’re off to our next stop – to Sumilon Island. Before we went there we dropped off to their church and museum. Another chance for us to take a lot of groupfies and selfies, as usual. It was actually my first time to be there, so I was so amazed by the place especially the church and the ruins. I remembered when I went to Bacolod City just to take a picture inside the famous “The Ruins”. Anyhow, here are some of our never – ending group photos and selfies *please excuse my face that day, I just really love taking pictures that time*.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course, I also took an “obligatory blogger pose or should I say poses?” because I had the chance to and also because the ruins was a perfect match to what I was wearing that time. The place was just so amazing! So here it  is.*excuse my vanity. LOL*


We took a couple of minutes there, when we finally received a go signal from our guide that we’re off to go to Sumilon Island because it’s already low tide so the sandbar now is somewhat visible already and the waves were not as strong as it was (Disclaimer: We heard that there was a typhoon coming but it was still far from the Philippine Area of Responsibility so we did not mind it, which we should have). So here are some of the pics that I took from Tatay and Phoebe’s Facebook account on our way and during our stay in Sumilon.


Picture in the sandbar but it was too windy that the sand goes along with the wind. #sandandwindattack 🙂

We truly enjoyed our stay in Sumilon Island despite the wind, the sand attacks, the danger of stepping on some sea urchins and even the beautiful coral reefs that the residents have taken care off. We brought a lot of foodies that Gov and Phoebe prepared, as well as our left overs. We also enjoyed walking and running and playing in the sea. We were like kids out in the open.  There were a lot of people and tourists out there especially Koreans and Japanese. I even said “hi and introduced myself” to some of them since I know a little of Hangul (but just a little). #feelinghumble

I treasured the moments taking pictures of Yan and Momma Jewel playing in the seashore because they were just so cute while playing the seawater. We truly savored the moment while we still can and while the weather still allowed us to.

I also enjoyed my “me – time” with the warm sand and just trying to relax dipping my feet on the salty seawater. I have always been very in love with the seawater. Its effect on me is like very euphoric. And though I had a traumatic experience in the middle of the sea during a typhoon and I also almost drowned before during my high school outing but it did not stop me from connecting myself to the salty seawater, the sea breeze, and the warm sand.

After our beautiful moments in the sandbar of Sumilon. We already prepared to packed our things because our guide advised us to be there before in the resort before 4 o’ clock. We struggled walking on our way to the bangka because we brought many stuff and it was docked far from the shore because of the corals. But still we enjoyed it. The first 30 minutes in the bangka was good because we’re so drained so we didn’t bother talking too much not until the waves started to shake our bangka more and more and my blogger friend, Maria was starting to panic already. The clouds turned so dark and the waves were really splashing all over the bangka. All I can think of that time is “I should not die here. Not at that very moment.” Some of us were starting to glare around each other, like we’re checking each one of us if we’re okay. We kept on checking our guides as well to make sure that everything is dong “okay”.

We braved the big waves and the moment we saw the shore which I believe is just 10-15 minute paddling away. Our bangka then tried to dock but unfortunately there was a big rock that hit the bottom of it and then our bangka slowly moved disturbingly down. That’s the time that we all panicked and our guide advised us to just jump off. Oh well, we did not hesitate on jumping since we wore our life vest and the ocean floor is not that deep. *just imagine our facial expression while jumping off* It was freaking scary. I was worried not just for myself, my friends, but also to our guides.

When we all finally reached the shore with all our stuff (big thanks to the concerned bangkeros who helped us out), we felt sorry to our guides (knowing that they just rented the bangka). We then settled ourselves in and gathered enough money to at least helped them pay for the damages and also as a bonus for really not leaving us behind in the middle of that chaotic event. In short, we all survived. Thanks God.

So when we finished prepping ourselves to go home. We then separately went off to Tatay’s car and tucked ourselves in (same car group). For that four long hours of driving –  we laughed, sang, danced, and even talked about anything and everything just to keep Tatay awake while driving because he was also tired *all of us were* but still he needs to drive us, safely.

Ended that day with a good laugh with few and chosen people *people whom I trust*. Goodnight and then good morning. Brand new day. Same issues. Same people. But what happened in our outing was really a good wake up call for me and taught me three lessons: (1st) Be firm in saying NO to foreseeable danger, (2nd) Avoid toxic people –  they can kill, and (3rd) You know yourself better than they are, so stop comparing and belittling yourself. They are not you and you are not them.

Could not say anything more. But to summarize it all, the outing was good but it could have been better if there was genuine teamwork and respect during the whole time *which slightly was not the case*. Sad to say. But I had fun with the people that I chose to be with and who chose to be with me too. This is not me having some picky attitude problem but this is me saying that – I have already given chances, extended my patience, and also benefit of the doubt to these particular people but unfortunately, they keep on failing me. Sad truth. So I ‘ll just stay civil and be professional around them, no matter what. Respect begets respect. I’ll keep my ground since I am an employee and I’ll continue my responsibilities to the best way that I can possible give. I’ll still keep an open mind *no matter what*. Less judgment. Learning to trust. Giving room for improvement.

So little young ones, have you been to Sumilon Island? What are other places that you and your peers or team have visited in to? Care if you share? 🙂


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