September Bliss.


The beginning of the fourth and the last quarter of the year.

Marks the start of the “BER” months.

First day of Christmas for us Filipinos.


I would like to start saying “September, please be good to me” but it would be so overrated and I strongly believed that August did not do anything bad to me and that’s for sure. 😉

So, I can’t stop but smile from cheek to cheek and be excited for this month to come. Finally! Because Christmas decorations will be seen again in all stores, Christmas carols and carolers will be everywhere like in the street, in the jeepneys, and even in our own houses. Christmas lights and Christmas trees will be all over the places once more.  People will start to contact their loved ones and book a flight already so that they can spend their Christmas vacation with them. Others might be planning in advance as to where they will be heading and celebrate their Christmas Eve. And for some and that includes me, will be very busy making Christmas list and preparing for my Christmas gifts because I’ll be Tita Santa Lablab again this year.

I know that Christmas is still 3 months to go minus 1 day today but it’s better that we plan ahead to avoid any rush buying, right? It happened to me last year and I don’t want to experience that one again. I really take Christmas Day pretty seriously. I want to celebrate Papa Jesus’ Day with all my efforts and strength to make my family and loved ones happy and to let them remember the main reason why we have Christmas and why we celebrate Christmas despite some unexpected circumstances and shortcomings because He died for me, for you, and for all of us.

I know that I’ve mentioned about a lot of things related to Christmas and we all must admit that these make us so happy but it’s not just about the material things, or the decors, or the food, or the parties, and the gifts – it’s all about remembering His day. His very existence is enough and it is the most precious gift that we received above all gifts.

So I hope that with all the preparations that you and I will be gathering and presenting soon, we will not forget to give thanks to the one and only reason why we glorify Christmas. It’s Him. It’s Jesus.


Please allow me little young ones to be one of the few to be greeting you in advance a bountiful and joyous Christmas to you and your family. 🙂

merry christmas


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