09 / 07 / 16

who goat wednesday



I have been repeatedly listening to Coldplay’s “Fix You”. Rest in peace to my replay button. I love Coldplay and I love their songs. Wish I could watch them perform live for real and not just in my dreams. If it happens, I will surely wear yellow. Anyways,  the whole song ignites my uncooperative brain to somewhat tagged along with my highly emotional heart. And the line that struck me the most is this:



I know that every song has a message. Every word, the rhythm, the tune, and the melody has a story behind it. As what most people agreed, “You can only write for two reasons – you’re drunk and sober or you’re completely able and sane but sad”. And I kept on wondering what was running through the composer’s mind during the time he was writing this song. What did Chris, Jonny, Guy, and Will felt the first time they sang it or performed it?  Questions like “Who needs some fixing?”, “What should be fix?”, “Why fix it?”, “Would it change anything after being fix?” were the first four questions running in and out from my hyper – brain cells. See, that’s how curious I am? HAHA.

As for me, I find this song a sad one. It’s like you’re hopelessly waiting for that one person to be reminded that you exist. That you are there and you are willing to help that significant one to reach out for you because you believe that you can help her or him. Like solely because you know what it feels like to be lost and be broken and you don’t want to see that person experience the same thing that you did. It’s a story of letting go and moving forward despite the pain and if the pain is just too much to carry, we know that somewhere, out in the middle of nowhere, there is always that someone who is willing to fix us – not the literal fixing thing *bandage and pain killers* and it’s not even necessarily mean to be a romantic-kind-of-fixing. For me, fixing means giving hope to yourself and to others that we will someday find that light after that total darkness. It is H. O. P. E little young ones. #ganoin!

Anyhow, is this song one of your favorite little young ones? Do you believe that we need some fixing? Have you tried fixing someone already? Care to share. 🙂


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