09 / 13 / 16

tuesday thoughts


  • Current Mood: Motivated. It’s been awhile since I’ve been sharing about all my complaints about how tired I am with my work, the people in the workplace, the schedule, and a lot of errands at work and at home. So right now, I am changing my life’s game plan and make it to a more positive and realistic side. I’m giving myself and the people around me another chance to ACKNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTAND theΒ why and why not. Making the “negative what ifs” to a “positive what ifs”. #letmaturitysinkinLablab #forthebetter πŸ™‚Β  motivational-penguin
  • Listening to: “Wish” by Soulstring. I know this song is very tormenting to listen to. It’s an unrequited love. One – sided kind of love. Having no courage to say what you truly feel for that person. Loving and hurting in silence. Disclaimer: This is how I felt about this song. How about you? Do you also feel the same? Have you thought of someone while listening to this song? Because I do. I used to. I even cried while listening and singing to this song before but now I sing along with it and just feel thankful that it happened. God’s way of saying “No” to me and I’m blessed for it. muscme
  • Thinking of: My to – do list for today after shift. HEHEHE. (1st) Laundry. (2nd) Fix my wardrobe space because it’s a total mess after being so picky of what to wear and just ended up wearing the same shirt again. (3rd) Just sleep early and stay healthy. *Saving my best for last and this is now and will always be partΒ  of my everyday routine because I don’t want to die young. Trying to be consistent of being my own superhero. πŸ™‚ superwoman
  • Doing: Blogging. Listening to music to keep me wide awake while waiting for the shift to start and to definitely end it right. And also I would love to be more creative in my blogging and find out more ways to express myself in a more colorful and bright way. πŸ™‚ you-got-this
  • Eating: Nothing. Just coffee that I personally mixed there in the cafeteria. I wish I am drinking Pearl Milktea right now or eating something sweet or spicy. hungry-mode
  • Planning to: Make this Tuesday and the rest of the days of my life to be special and memorable and productive and positive and extraordinarily worth living. Disclaimer: There maybe days of sadness and downfalls but I should keep my visions up for the better future and a better ME. I am loved and I am going to share that love to everyone, whether they deserved it or not. I will not judge anymore, it’s not my job anyways – it’s His when He comes back. πŸ™‚ you-are-loved
  • Hoping to: To get another opal award from work and continue to get 5 star ratings from the members *para sa ekonomiya* and lastly also to really encourage more members to really lose weight to lower the mortality rate due to obesity and other major health complications due to bad food preferences and unhealthy lifestyle. As the Real Appeal slogan says: ra


So this is all for today my little young ones. So literally, it’s 1:20 AM Philippine Standard Time and I am starting my Tuesday just the way I am aiming it to be. I hope you will also enjoy your Tuesday the way you want it to be. Continue to spread love, regardless of. πŸ™‚




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