09 / 14 / 16

who goat wednesday




Says the old memories buried in the deep.

And then her heart responded.


Alright little young ones let’s talk about the word “miss”. It crossed my mind while I was listening to a Bisaya love song sang by TJ Monterde entitled “Kung Siya Man”. The song depicts a story of love that ended because the other person already fell in love with someone else. There goes that lonely and brokenhearted person left with so many unanswered questions but despite that he still miss her. *I mean who would not, right?* Oh well, can you relate to this song? Raise your right hand up if you do. HAHA. If you are raising your hand now, you don’t have to worry because you’re not alone. Count me in and a friend of mine as well.

I asked this dear friend of mine if she still miss her boyfriend. Oh, let me correct that to avoid any confusion, her ex – boyfriend. She said, “Yes, sometimes”. I asked her again, “Is it still painful when you remember him?” She said, “No, I remember the memories that I like and miss the most”. And then I asked her for the last time, “But do you still miss him right? Like terribly, sometimes?”. And this is what she said:



I can understand her. I truly do.

And as what we constantly hear from those who already experienced so much and of the many – truth hurts and reality sucks but still  we must admit that we should be thankful for everything *big or small* regardless of how it ended and just always look at the bright side no matter what. And of course, not to wish ill on the person or people who caused so much pain and chaos into our lives. Let’s just all take them as part of our learning experience. Experiences that would help us grow matured enough to prioritize and to truly set better outlook for our future and be prepared for more. #ganoin!

And before I let you go and allow you this time to share your own insights about missing someone, here’s a piece of my own thought about the feeling of terribly missing someone to the point of not feeling anything anymore. So here it goes:

Towards the end of our lives, what’s really important for us is to be able to see how each person, the one who became part of our life mattered. How meaningful it was that he or she became a part of you. We miss them because they mattered. We feel pain and anger and sorrow and anything in between because we imparted time, effort, memories, respect, and love to them and with them and I believe that they also did the same to us. So it’s alright to miss him, her, or them. We are given that freedom to feel. Savor it and then endure it until one day we will all realize and say that  that story may caused so much tears in my eyes but it wraps up in a good way and I’m blessed for it. Happy Wednesday 🙂


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