09 / 21/ 16

who goat wednesday


Define “Seen – zoned”.


Relate or relate?

The reason why I came up with this is because I just got seen-zoned by someone. At first, I am not expecting him to mind replying to it because it’s just a simple greeting to let him know that I still do remember his day. But later on, I became ambitious and truly at the back of my mind, I wish he would reply to it or even share something new about him or what he is up to right now, his progress or something like that. Just the normal conversation between friends. I did wish for it. I missed to greet him for two consecutive years. I know that I am not obliged to do this yearly but sure thing he never misses to greet on my special day so I somewhat felt guilty about it even if I should not.

The definition states there that seen – zoned is a worst feeling for not hearing back from that someone you wish and hope you could converse to for a while especially if that someone you and I are referring to is someone that we have not seen or heard for quite a long time. Agree?

And yes.

It’s true.

Well, I did get a response from him though but it took him two days. I was thinking maybe that was his way of telling me, “Hey, that two days of seen – zoning you is equivalent to the 2 years of not greeting me on my day” or maybe not. HAHAHA! *when imagination strikes* Anyways, you knew what I did? I seenΒ  – zoned it. I seen – zoned him. This is not me taking revenge on him or that his response was offensive or anything because it’s actually not. It’s just that I don’t feel the need to answer it back. And you may find it childish but I just did not find his response worth sending a reply to. Seriously, I don’t want to be rude or something but sometimes not sending a response is still a response. Do you agree little young ones?

Now here’s the thing. Have you been seen – zoned? Or have you ever seen – zoned someone?Β  Just leave your comments and just feel free to share. πŸ™‚

Enjoy your Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “09 / 21/ 16

  1. Well, it’s annoying when someone replied to you, and you find the answer not worth replying…
    Like you’re being dismissed
    I’ve done my fair share of seen-zoning guys, and guys seen-zoning me…
    When you’re at the losing end, you feel stupid for sending a message
    I mean, reply out of courtesy please
    But if it’s not worth replying like “hey, happy birthday” then “Thank you” then “you’re welcome”
    Are you going to reply on “you’re welcome”? Probably a smiley or a like emoji, but the convo naturally died up ‘coz it’s merely formalities and not a real conversation
    The feeling sucks… But that’s life

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